Meet TLC's New Ultra-Talented Super Brood, The Willis Family

The new reality series about a 14-member Tennessee family premieres Tuesday

Photo: Discovery

You’ve got company, Duggars! There is a new mega-family coming to TLC.

Meet the Willis clan, a 14-strong Tennessee family – parents Brenda and Toby Willis have a dozen kids, ages 4 to 23, who first showed off their impressive musical genes on the last season of America’s Got Talent.

Now, TLC’s The Willis Family is taking a look at the close-knit family’s home life, and PEOPLE has an exclusive clip from the series debut.

Not only do the Willis kids know how to strum on strings, they also hold titles in dance and Greco-Roman wrestling.

As the clip shows, the young Willis kids are beyond talented in the gym. The family use their own private fitness studio to lift weights, stretch and effortlessly practice their backflips.

The teenage Willis sons even compete in the art of pec flexing – much to the displeasure of their eight red-faced sisters.

Southern charm, musical prowess and impressive athletic skill? Is the Willis clan open to adopting us?

The Willis Family premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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