My Pregnant Husband and World's Smallest Woman Specials Among TLC's Extraordinary People Lineup

Starting next month, the network will launch a series of specials spotlighting extraordinary people living with unique circumstances

pregnant husbands
Photo: TLC

TLC will dedicate a portion of its programming next month to a number of extraordinary people living with unique circumstances.

PEOPLE can exclusively announce that the network is launching a series of specials spotlighting "the overlooked, the underrepresented and the misunderstood." Beginning July 9, the specials include World's Smallest Woman: Meet Jyoti, Conjoined Twins: Inseparable and My Pregnant Husband.

World's Smallest Woman: Meet Jyoti — premieres July 9 at 10 p.m. ET

Standing 24 inches tall and weighing just 12 lbs., Jyoti Amge is the smallest woman in the world. And while this 26-year-old may be pint-sized, that hasn't prevented her from living a super-sized life. Known for her role on American Horror Story, Jyoti and her family visit the U.S. from India to explore career opportunities and soak up American culture, from bowling to shopping to pizza.

But as seen in the exclusive supertease above, Jyoti is also here for a more serious reason. She is hoping to find a doctor to address a debilitating health issue she has endured for years — two broken legs. However, if surgery is her only option, will she be comfortable moving forward, given the potential risks?


Conjoined Twins: Inseparable — premieres July 16 at 10 p.m. ET

When conjoined twins Carmen and Lupita were born, their parents faced an impossible dilemma: surgically separate them even though only one twin might survive, or allow them to stay together forever. The twins are two distinct people with separate personalities sharing not only their body but every moment of their young adult lives. Their story explores the challenges they face as they fight for their independence and prepare to tackle college life away from home.

My Pregnant Husband — premieres July 23 at 10 p.m. ET

My Pregnant Husband highlights the unique pregnancy journeys of two couples as they try to expand their families. In each couple, the transgender husband is carrying the baby. They face unprecedented trials as they attempt to bring a child into their lives, whether it's coming out to neighbors who didn't know the husband was transgender or almost getting arrested by police officers who mistake a pregnant belly for stolen goods.

In the exclusive supertease for My Pregnant Husband, above, viewers are introduced to the two couples. One includes Myles, who is six months pregnant and identifies as transmasculine, and the other includes Ari, who is eight months pregnant and identifies as transgender.

In a statement, TLC's senior vice president of programming and strategy Rick Holzman said the network is "proud to be the platform to share their stories, their struggles and their strength."

"TLC honors people from all walks of life in our programming," he said. "These specials tell the unique and remarkable stories of people who face overwhelming challenges every day of their lives. And, while their conditions are extremely rare, those at the center of each story yearn for love, understanding, and a sense of belonging."

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