April 18, 2018 04:02 PM

A judge has ordered Tisha Campbell-Martin and her estranged husband Duane Martin to turn over financial records in their ongoing bankruptcy case.

According to court documents filed April 9 and obtained by the The Blast, Tisha, 49, and Duane, 52, must provide an accounting for all residuals they were paid from the date they filed for bankruptcy in 2016 until now. (A rep for Campbell-Martin could not be reached for comment.)

The Blast previously reported that the order stems from a dispute that arose last month after the trustee of their Chapter 7 bankruptcy accused the former couple of improperly diverting all of Tisha’s residuals from after the bankruptcy filing, totaling $50,000. The trustee also demanded they both be sanctioned.

The Blast reports that Tisha and Duane recently delivered a payment of $125,000 to the trustee, which created an alleged misunderstanding over whether the money was intended to satisfy remaining residual payments or to buy back Tisha’s residual rights.

According to the latest filing, the judge has ordered that the $125,000 be applied to the outstanding residual payments. Though Duane and Tisha will not be sanctioned by the court, the trustee will continue to collect all incoming residuals.

The filing states that if the accounting of the residuals they were paid from the date they filed for bankruptcy in 2016 until now reflect more than $125,000, they will have 30 days to pay the balance. If the accounting reflects less than $125,000, the trustee will pay back the difference within 30 days.

In court documents previously obtained by The Blast, Duane and Tisha stated that their recent split played a part in the financial miscommunication.

“Prior to our separation, I handled the family finances and business finances by myself,” Duane reportedly said in his declaration. “I recognized then that I was not capable of preparing an accounting by myself.”

In her own declaration, Tisha reportedly said she had relied on Duane to facilitate the delivery of her residuals to the trustee and had her lawyers investigate the situation when the dispute arose.

Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin
John Heller/WireImage

Tisha, who starred on the hit sitcom Martin, filed for divorce from Duane in February after nearly 30 years of marriage. They share two children: sons Ezekiel, 8, and Xen, 16. According to the filing, Tisha, who cited irreconcilable differences, requested joint legal and physical custody of their children. She also requested that Duane pay her spousal support.

A source told PEOPLE at the time that no singular issue drove the couple apart.

“It’s been getting harder and harder for them for the last two years,” said the source. “But it just got to the breaking point recently. It’s one of those things where they’ve been talking about it and fighting it out and trying to come to a conscious uncoupling.”

“What’s the straw that broke the camel’s back, I don’t know, but I know that with their schedules and money issues, it all played into it,” added the source. “They’ve been through a lot of different stress tests. Sometimes couples just fall out of love.”

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