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December 15, 2015 01:15 PM

Hmmm … Matthew McConaughey or Jack Nicholson?

That was one of the big burning questions Monday night when Tina Fey stopped by The Tonight Show, where Jimmy Fallon challenged her to a game of “First Impression.” The task at hand: trying to guess who the other one was mimicking, including Sofia Vergara, Morgan Freeman and, yes, Nicholson.

And while Fallon was excited for the game, Fey was feeling the pressure.

“It’s tricky because I stink at impressions and you’re very good at impressions,” she joked as Fallon delivered the rules of the game, which included reading the random phrase associated with the name on the card.

“Why did we write this game up? This is not fun at all,” Fallon quipped in response.

The Sisters actress, 45, picked up Jack Nicholson for her first go, reading the phrase “Did you see that Adele concert tonight?” with a slow twang.

Fallon, 41, admitted that he was torn, trying to figure out if it was McConaughey or Nicholson.

The two were on a roll when Fey immediately and correctly guessed that Fallon was channeling Barbra Walters for the next challenge.

But the best round came when Fey picked up a card prompting her to impersonate Vergara.

Fey puffed out her chest and flipped her hair as she read with a Spanish accent, “My favorite Christmas song is,” before having to stop as both she and Fallon burst out laughing.

“I can’t even put them together to make one good one!” Fey joked as she tried to push her breasts together to evoke the curvy Modern Family actress.

To see who had to tackle the distinct sound of Freeman, and who nailed Elmo’s squeaky voice, watch the video above!

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