Tim Gunn: Meryl Streep Needs My Help

Photo: Photo: Gilbert Flores/CelebrityPhoto

As the mentor of Project Runway and the star of his own makeover show, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, Tim Gunn is more than happy to help young designers and fashion-challenged women. But there’s one person he says he’s “obsessed” with the idea of getting a chance to work his magic on: Meryl Streep.

“I have the greatest respect for her. In fact I idolize her,” he told PEOPLE at the Emmett McCarthy EMc2 event. She “is enormously talented, enormously intelligent, beautiful, great figure, and just eschews fashion … I don’t know why she doesn’t want to get it, but she doesn’t! I really think that her disposition on it is ‘I’m too smart for it,’ but I want to say, ‘It’s not ephemeral. It’s not trivial. It is the semiology of clothing!’ She should get that.”

If Gunn does get a chance to style the Oscar winner, he knows exactly what he’d put her in.

“I’d like to see her in dresses that are shorter — that don’t go any further than her knee,” he said. “I’d like to see her in clothes that are very well fitted, that really follow her natural silhouette. I’d like to open up her whole neckline, which is stunning. And I’d like to talk to her about the scale and the proportion of jewelry relative to her clothes.”

Meanwhile, Sarah Jessica Parker, who recently sat on the Project Runway panel as a guest judge, is the fashion opposite of Streep, according to Gunn.

“She knows her fashion,” he said of the Sex and the City star. “She was superb on the show. Absolutely a dream.”–Amanda Friedman

Photo: Gilbert Flores/CelebrityPhoto

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