Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine is streaming now

Sarah Cooper, famous for turning President Donald Trump's press comments into viral videos, has made the leap from TikTok to Netflix.

Her comedy special, Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine, features the comedian in a new "cinematic" form, she tells PEOPLE.

"It's a little movie, basically," Cooper, 42, says of the special, out now. "The movie is loosely about a morning show host who's having a bad day, and in between the things that she's doing as a morning show host, you see sketches."

The concept was inspired by the onslaught of news amid the upcoming presidential election, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and more, she says, adding that it was aimed at "capturing the feeling of this year."

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Sarah Cooper
| Credit: Lacey Terrell/Netflix

"It takes you through the journey of me trying to deal with all this news," Cooper says. "I've hate-watched TV before, so I know the process of being addicted to something that actually is very bad for you, but you still do it. I feel like that's our life right now — we're just glued to this thing that we hate."

"What I really wanted to do with this special is talk about this uneasy feeling that we all have walking around in these masks and not really being sure what the future holds," she adds. "It's really just highlighting how uncomfortable and weird and hard to get used to everything is now and highlighting it in a way that's, in my opinion, very hilarious."

The comedy special, directed by Natasha Lyonne and produced by Maya Rudolph, also features a series of celebrity cameos, including Rudolph, Fred Armisen, Ben Stiller and Megan Thee Stallion.

"I was a big fan of hers for a long time," Cooper says of Lyonne, 41. "I never even dreamed that I would get the opportunity to work with her. She is just this powerhouse of talent. And she really just brought all of these ideas I had, she just brought them to life. She made them 10 times better than they would have been in my head. She brought the best team together. It is so cinematic, it looks so beautiful, it's so weird and you really have no idea what's happening in it. I'm really, really, really proud of it."

Working with Rudolph, 48, was also a major highlight.

"She was awesome to work with," Cooper says. "A girl can dream that I was able to work with her, and I actually did hope that I would be able to."

Cooper, a former Google employee-turned-comedian, says that her overnight success from TikTok still hasn't totally sunk in. "I just really don't know how it all happened, because it was not the plan," she admits.

"I never would have expected to go from me playing around with TikTok while being locked down in my apartment to six months later, shooting a Netflix special in L.A.," Cooper says. "It definitely gave me whiplash."

"But that's kind of how this whole year has been," she adds. "It's been this sort of roller coaster where you're like up and then you're down and then you're up again. Moments of calm and then just moments of just total anxiety."

Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine is streaming on Netflix.

By Mary Green and Ally Mauch