Tiffany Trump Explains the Surprising Reason Her Parents Donald Trump and Marla Maples Fought over Wait for It Chocolate

As a little girl in Trump Tower, Tiffany knew how to get what she wanted

Photo: Catherine McGann/Getty

As a little girl in Trump Tower, Tiffany Trump knew how to get what she wanted. And what she wanted was not her mother Marla Maples’ health-conscious, homemade, vegan chocolate.

“She was doing the whole vegan, ‘let me make homemade chocolate’ thing I don’t even know if you call it chocolate,” Tiffany, 22, recalls with a laugh. “It was very health-conscious. I kind of rebelled.”

So Tiffany enlisted her father, current Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, for help.

“My dad would sneak me down to the candy store in Trump Tower and buy me Almond Joys,” Tiffany recalls. “My mom wouldn’t like that.”

Maples, 52, blames their 1999 divorce on basic differences.

“You obviously have your differences in how you look at the world and how you want to move forward in raising your children,” she says.

Even today, those differences persist, in the most basic of ways.

Maples “is just crazily healthy, and she’s been for such a long time,” Tiffany says. “No dairy at all. No white flower or gluten. I eat that stuff. Don’t tell her. She wants me to be my best. But when you’re a little kid, you want pasta and butter. What are you going to do? Even now, I think I’m pretty healthy, but not to her standards.”

As for dad? “All he eats is McDonalds on the [campaign] plane,” Tiffany says with a laugh.

“After being on the campaign trail, that’s what we get flying back: hamburgers. There are some great French fries, I’m not going to lie.”

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