Since she already has her plate full with a career and family, the Bravo newbie is thinking twice about starring in The Real Housewives of Dallas for a second season
tiffany moon
Tiffany Moon
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Tiffany Moon's future on Bravo is up in the air — for now.

On Monday's episode of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast, hosted by Janine Rubenstein, the 36-year-old Real Housewives of Dallas star admitted that, if asked, she may not return to the hit reality series for a second season given her busy schedule as an anesthesiologist and mom of two.

"Something would have to change," says Moon of returning to the show. "I cannot do the show if everything is exactly the same as it was this year. I am still working four days a week. My children are now a little bit more demanding than they were when they were younger. Something's gonna have to give. Like, I only have 24 hours in a day."

Moon — who shares 6-year-old twin daughters, Chloe and Madison, with husband Daniel Moon (she's also stepmom to Daniel's teenage twins, Nathan and Nicole) — explained that she doesn't "know what's going to happen" with her future on the show, which wraps its fifth season in the coming week.

"I've not even been invited back ... I don't know what's happening either," she tells PEOPLE. "So I'm just gonna take it one day at a time. Like the advice I give to my medical students and residents, you know, when they're having a bad day, I'm like, 'you know, one day at a time, one day at a time.' So sometimes I have to give that advice to myself too."

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Tiffany Moon with her twin daughters, Chloe and Madison
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But even if Moon does decide to end her Real Housewives career after one season, she still has to tackle the show's upcoming reunion, which the Bravo newbie admits she's especially anxious about.

"I'm nervous just because I haven't ever done it before," she says. "Sounds like it can be a long day. I'm nervous to meet Andy [Cohen] ... I've never breathed the same air as Andy. I have not seen the majority of my castmates or spoken to the majority of them since we wrapped filming, which was more than six months ago. Maybe just like a text message here and there, but not in the same room talking."

"So yeah," adds Moon, "I'm nervous because I think there is a lot to unpack."

Real Housewives of Dallas
Real Housewives of Dallas season 5 cast
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Moon's busy life schedule has been explored on RHOD. In one episode, she anguished over telling her mom, Grace Sun, that she was cutting back hours at the hospital to make more time for her family — which surprisingly went over well for Sun.

"She was incredibly supportive and remains very supportive to this day," says Moon of her mom. "So in ways it is validating, I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, have I finally crossed the finish line in terms of trying to please my mother?' "

That sense of accomplishment may be because her mom has never actually seen her on the show. "I'm pretty sure she doesn't have Bravo or if she does, she doesn't know how to access it because she only watches her watches major news channels," Moon says. "She knows not to get onto Bravo or TikTok. She has already promised me."

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Outside of the show, Moon, like many Asian American stars, is using her voice and social media to support the AAPI community amid an increase of anti-Asian attacks in the U.S, including last month's deadly Atlanta spa shootings.

"I would just say to everyone out there who wants to be our ally, please educate yourselves on the topic," says Moon. "If you have a platform and want to use your voice to bring more awareness to the topic, please do. Because the more people who know about something and understand and become educated on it, the more we as a society can move the needle for."

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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