November 12, 2017 08:41 AM

Gentlemen, Tiffany Haddish has a tip for you.

The Girls Trip star opened her hosting debut with a monologue that addressed the wave of sexual misconduct allegations that have made headlines in recent weeks.

“Listen, fellas. Listen. If you got your thing-thing out and she’s got all her clothes on, you’re wrongYou’re in the wrong,” she told the crowd.

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Haddish also discussed the success of Girls Trip (noting she hasn’t yet seen the film’s impressive box office grosses affect her bank account), along with spending part of her childhood in foster care and not caring if people see her in the same dress — including the dress she was wearing at that very moment — more than once.

“I feel like I should be able to wear what I want, when I want, no matter how many times I want, as long as I Febreezed it,” she joked, adding, “I spent a lot of money on this dress! This dress cost way more than my mortgage. It’s an Alexander McQueen, it’s a $4,000 dress … I’m gonna wear this dress multiple times — you might see this dress in two sketches tonight.”

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Watch a clip of Haddish’s opening monologue above.

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