Inside Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley's '70s-Themed 40th Birthday Bash

Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley celebrated their 40th birthday together over the weekend

Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley celebrated a huge milestone together: their 40th birthday!

The identical twin sisters brought their closest friends and family together for a ’70s-themed party at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s in Hollywood on Saturday.

“We live very kind of busy lives and I really wanted us to slow things down for a minute and take the time out to celebrate,” Mowry-Hardrict exclusively told PEOPLE. “The last time we had a party together was when we turned 21. We have our individual careers, but I just felt like it was something we needed to celebrate together.”

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Lauren Wade

“We didn’t miss a beat,” Mowry-Housley added. “It was kind of like when you’re with your friend that you hadn’t seen in a long time and you get together and it didn’t feel any different. It felt like it was just yesterday.”

And of course, the sisters dressed the part! From funky afros to bell-bottom jeans, the duo and their guests embraced the ’70s decade while dancing the night away, munching on classic bites — such as hotdogs, hamburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches — and indulging in a colorful, retro birthday cake by Dani Flowers Bakery.

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Lauren Wade

“We were both able to relax and just be together with our friends for like three hours,” said Mowry-Housley. “My sister and I were just on the same page and it was awesome.”

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And while the duo continue to focus on their individual careers and families (Tia and husband Cory Hardrict share 6½-year-old son, Cree Taylor, and 2-month-old daughter, Cairo; Tamera and husband Adam Housley share 5-year-old son, Aden, and 3-year-old daughter, Ariah), they have an unbreakable bond.

“What I’ve learned over the years, especially being twins, people tend to view twins together and think that everything that they do has to be the same,” said Mowry-Hardrict. “Tamera and I, what we’ve done and what we’ve learned over the years is to embrace our differences because by us being able to be individual people, we’ve been able to thrive. Just like in any type of relationship. You have to know who you are, you have to be content with who you are. When you celebrate your individuality, you become stronger together.”

She added, “I think what I’ve learned is to embrace and respect our differences. We’re night and day. With sisterhood, it’s so wonderful and powerful. Being a woman in general is hard, but when you have someone who’s going through the same milestones, you’re able to talk to each other and learn from one another. If you see that your sister can do it, then you’re like, ‘I can do it too.’ “

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