Smile, Simon! When they played back Jimmy Kimmel ruthlessly roasting Simon Cowell on Idol Gives Back, fellow judges Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson and the studio audience broke into a crazed laughter. But there was one person that was a little redder in the face than usual: Simon. The judge who seemed to take it lightly Wednesday night wasn’t laughing anymore as his “eye-poking” nipples and signature hair-part once again were highlighted for the world to see. At least know this, Simon: Your unusually large nipples helped to raise $60 million already, according to host Ryan Seacrest. Maybe next week you should do the show shirtless!

The Michael Johns Shocker When Ryan revealed that Michael Johns would go, the other Idols’ faces went blank. Carly Smithson seemed to take it the hardest. David Cook had to hold her off to the side of the stage as she cried on his shoulder. But Carly eventually made it over to Michael, after his Idol Tonight exit interview, and the two new pals held each other tightly.

Brooke’s Fan Club One group of women brought a sign for Brooke White from two very important , her former charges: “We (heart) Brooke, but we miss our nanny.” Awe … She also had her biggest fan there, husband Dave, who after learning she was “safe” this week, went up to the stage to touch hands with his wife. But sticking with the competition will mean Brooke misses an important event this weekend — her sister’s wedding.

Look Who’s Back! Ramiele Malubay, who was voted off last week, was spotted kicking it in a front row seat next to fellow cast-off Luke Menard — who made his third appearance that week! And by the screams, no one seems tired of seeing Luke, including Brooke, who reached down to shake his hand after finishing “Shout to the Lord.”

More Stuff You Didn’t See • While exiting the stage, Simon gave a thumbs-up to a fan holding a “Simon Is Hot” sign and mouthed, “I like that!”

David Archuleta’s mom was back in the house with her sister and friend — all in matching red dresses (left).

• Judges Simon, Randy and Paula all took turns signing autographs on one lucky fan’s copy of Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul, which they had just received as a gift by Corey the warm-up guy during the break. — Jed Dreben