ThunderCats first aired in 1985 and ran for four seasons before ending in 1988. The series was rebooted for one season in 2011

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Christmas came early this year for ThunderCats fans!

As of Thursday, the beloved animated series and the 2011 reboot are available to stream on Hulu — and fans are freaking out.

Hulu confirmed the news on Wednesday, tweeting "ThunderCats HO!" alongside a fan announcement.

"@Hulu just won BIG time with the Thundercats!!!!" one fan tweeted.

"80s babies. Thundercats is on Hulu! This is not a drill!!!!" another fan said.

"Cannot believe how long it's taken to get #ThunderCats on a streaming platform. May be the best news of 2020," tweeted another.

"I need every freaking HULU subscriber to watch 2011 ThunderCats..." said another fan. "I'm begging for a Season 2. I'll never understand why Cartoon Network dropped the ball on this. Hopefully having a bigger audience will give it the Avatar affect."

"Thundercats is now streaming on Hulu. Both the original 1985 series, and the 2011 reboot are online. I grew up on the original Thundercats, so it's a nice little trip down memory lane AND, it's plenty to watch while socially distancing!" added another excited viewer.

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ThunderCats, which was created by writer Tobin "Ted" Wolf, premiered in 1985 and ran for four seasons before ending in 1988. The series was rebooted for one season in 2011.

It follows the adventures of a group of cat-like aliens who end up on Third Earth after being forced to free their dying homeland planet, Thundera. Over the seasons, the cats come under attack by their enemies, the Mutants of Plun-Darr.

The original series starred Bob McFadden as Snarf, Larry Kenney as Lion-O, Earl Hammond as Mumm-Ra, Lynne Lipton as Cheetara, Earle Hyman as Panthro, Peter Newman as Tygra, Gerrianne Raphael as Pumyra and Doug Preis Alluro.