Three More Contestants Join 'Idol' 's Top 12

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty

It was a night without too much drama, apart from the squabbling of the judges (an irate Kara asked Simon: “Do you ever shut up?”) and lurking fears that Nick Mitchell would survive into the final 12.

The only real surprise, as three additional singers were added to make up six, came as Ryan gave the nod to Kris Allen, 23, over Megan Joy Corkrey, 22. The judges had seemed to prefer Megan of the two, although it was Simon who recognized Kris’s potential as a dreamboat for American girls who’ll soon tire of the pimple-free perfection of the Jonas Brothers.

Kris bent over as if he’d had the wind knocked out of him as Ryan told him, “You’ve got a stool, buddy.”

Then he reprised his version of “Man in the Mirror,” not singing it any better than he had Wednesday night.

The infant phenomenon Allison Iraheta, 16, who looks like Kelly Clarkson in a shiny red wig, was also ushered into the top 12 — no surprise there.

“I’m just so friggin’ happy right now,” she said.

This much accomplished, there was time to kill before the third finalist of the evening was announced. So we were treated to a montage of Idol moments while Louis Armstrong sang “What a Wonderful World.” Then season 7 sweetheart Brooke White sang her new single, “Hold Up My Heart.” She also warned the contestants: “Don’t Google your name.”

Now came the one moment of suspense: Would the final stool be occupied by musical vaudevillian Nick Mitchell, 27, or theatre hipster Adam Lambert, 26?

Simon, no fan of the singer who also calls himself Norman Gentle, told Ryan he had prayed “for about five or six hours nonstop” that Nick would be out.

Heaven, it turns out, granted Simon this one small favor — and Adam joined the top 12. — Tom Gliatto

Tell us: Do you agree with America’s decision? Who are you hoping will make it through in the wild card round?Kevin Winter/Getty

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