Thomas Ravenel's Girlfriend Ashley Accused of Being an Escort: 'I Believe It,' Says Kathryn Dennis

Thomas Ravenel's girlfriend is still not on good terms with his inner circle

Thomas Ravenel‘s girlfriend is still not on good terms with his inner circle.

On Thursday’s Southern Charm season finale, Ashley Jacobs was at the center of gossip as many of Ravenel’s longtime friends discussed a rumor that had been going around Charleston.

“There’s an awkward rumor,” Naomie Olindo told the group as Cameron Eubanks inquired, “She’s pregnant? … She’s an escort?” before Olindo’s best friend and roommate revealed who told him of the escort rumor. “It was my family friend in Santa Barbara,” he said of Jacobs’ hometown.

And the hearsay traveled fast as Ravenel’s ex and mother of his children, Kathryn Dennis, said, “Naomi apparently heard this rumor about Ashley being, like, an escort. I’m not being mean. I’m just throwing that out here. … Regardless, I’ve heard from several people and I f—— believe it.”

Meanwhile, Jacobs told Dennis’ former friend and now-nemesis Jennifer Snowden why Ravenel’s ex is so jealous of their relationship.

“She’s so delusional. You know what she says? ‘I don’t think about you, I don’t talk about you.’ But you know what I want to say? Every night you go to bed and lay your head on your pillow, you think about how Ashley Jacobs is winning,” the California nurse said.


Finally, the rumor reached Jacobs and Ravenel, courtesy of Austen Kroll.

“Women can be nasty but they’re like, ‘I think Ashley is an escort,’ ” Kroll told Ravenel, who responded, “That’s not true, that’s absurd!”

Jacobs turned her attention to Kroll, asking him point blank, “Do you think I’m a nurse?”

With his back against the wall, Kroll told Jacobs, “I don’t know. How would I know? I’ve never seen you do anything than spend his money,” before she forcibly showed him her nursing license.

Amidst the drama, Craig Conover reiterated the rumor to Jacobs. “The factors are you’re not working, [Thomas] is paying for everything and then you said you would date Shep or I if we were older,” he explained. “Obviously as guys, it’s guy code to be like, ’T, you sure this girl has the right priorities?’ ”

Though the escort rumor was the talk of the night, Jacobs and Dennis quickly turned their attention to each other in yet another verbal brawl.

“Don’t forget that your kids were taken away from you, don’t forget that. Someday they are going to want to know why,” Jacobs said as the mother of two quipped, “All you are is a gold digger, no one f—— likes you, including your boyfriend. It’s all in your head.”

“I’m not going anywhere so get used to this, okay? I am the best thing that has happened to him and he is the best thing to have happened to me,” Jacobs said in her own defense.

“Why is he miserable then? Why is he depressed?” Dennis replied, before Jacobs said, “My boyfriend can’t stand you. I have to hear about this all the time.”

The redhead reality star quickly responded, “That’s not true, we talk all the time about how he can’t stand you.”

But Jacobs had harsh words of her own. “Just be careful because I know a lot of information,” she said as Dennis asked, “You’re threatening me?”

“Guess what Kathryn, I got the life that you want,” Jacobs fired back. “That’s why you’re so threatened.”

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