Thomas Ravenel and ex Kathryn Dennis' custody battle rages on

Thomas Ravenel regrets his time on reality television.

In new court documents pertaining to Ravenel’s ongoing custody case with ex Kathryn Dennis, Ravenel called his time on Bravo’s Southern Charm the “worst mistake” of his life.

“It amplified my past notoriety, showcased my wealth I accumulated through decades of hard work, and made me a walking target for men and women eager to get in front of the camera,” he stated in the documents, obtained by The Blast. “Most importantly, it caused embarrassment and pain to my parents, my sisters, and my children.”

In the documents, Ravenel requested a gag order be issued in the custody case, prohibiting either party from talking about it. If granted, he says this would keep Bravo from airing any footage of Dennis discussing the case on the upcoming sixth season of Southern Charm.

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis
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“I do not believe Kathryn and Bravo should profit from this litigation and from the pain and suffering it has caused me and will inevitably cause our children,” he stated. “Sealing this case will do no good if Bravo and Kathryn are allowed to discuss this litigation on TV or social media.”

If the gag order isn’t issued, “Bravo and Kathryn will be at liberty to control the public narrative of this litigation and shape the story as it suits them, and my children will bear the shame of being fathered by a man the public believes is a monster, an abuser and a narcissist.”

Ravenel shares daughter Kensington Calhoun, 4, and son St. Julien Rembert, 3 with Dennis.

Attorneys for Ravenel, 56, and Dennis, 26, had no comment.

Three years ago, Dennis lost custody of the children and entered rehab in 2016 after she failed a drug test, testing positive for marijuana.

Thomas Ravenel, son
Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis with son Julien
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In 2016, Ravenel was awarded full custody, but Dennis has since earned back 50/50 custody. In October, she filed documents in Charleston seeking to obtain primary custody of the two children.

In the latest filing, Ravenel claimed Dennis only filed for primary custody in order to make it a storyline on Southern Charm.

“I have reason to believe that Kathryn and Bravo colluded to bring this custody order to create material for Season 6 of Southern Charm.”

While Dennis previously requested to seal all records pertaining to the case, Ravenel objected the filing, saying, “this Court is the sole arbiter of truth, and despite Kathryn’s and Bravo’s efforts to obstruct it, that is what I, my children, and the public are entitled to.”

Ravenel has starred on every season of Southern Charm, and Dennis became a main cast member in season 2 because of their relationship. However, after Ravenel was arrested and charged with assault and battery in the second degree, Bravo confirmed that he will not be returning to the reality series as a cast member.

The network’s decision came after Ravenel suggested he was quitting in August, tweeting “I’m not doing the show anymore. In the contract they have the right to fictionalize your story. They took advantage of me. I decided I’ve got too much to lose and informed them I’m not coming back.”

Ravenel has denied all the allegations.

“My client enjoys a certain degree of fame, which has unfortunately made him a vulnerable target for such claims,” Ravenel’s late attorney, Richard P. Terbrusch, told PEOPLE in a statement. “The person this woman describes is simply not the man that I know. My client is a loving father, successful businessman, and upright member of the community. He is appalled and hurt by these allegations — and is committed to defending his reputation in the appropriate legal forum.”