'This Is Us' Sneak Peek: Madison's Worst-Case Scenario for Wedding Dress Shopping with Rebecca Shocks Kevin

"'Sup Rebecca. How's the Alzheimer's?" Caitlin Thompson's character Madison says in PEOPLE's first look at the next This Is Us episode, titled "The Music and the Mirror"

Mrs. Manny say what?!

PEOPLE has the first look at the upcoming This Is Us episode titled "The Music and the Mirror," airing Tuesday, which is the first of three final episodes of season 5. In the exclusive sneak peek, Madison (Caitlin Thompson) is nervous to go wedding dress shopping with her fiancé Kevin's (Justin Hartley) sister Kate (Chrissy Metz) and their mother Rebecca (Mandy Moore). And to reassure his bride-to-be, Kevin helps ease her mind by prepping her with a game of Good-Bad-Worst.

"I'm second-guessing inviting your mom wedding dress shopping today," Madison says to Kevin, who asks her how exactly the invitation was extended.

"We were on a group FaceTime with the babies and Kate started talking about it and your mom just had this look on her face. What was I supposed to do?" she asks.

"Oh come on, you know my mom. She loves you," the actor responds.

"Uh no. I know Kate's mom. I'm great with Kate's mom," explains Madison, who has been best friends with Kevin's sister since they first met at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting in season 1.

"But Kevin's mom? No idea how that's gonna go," the mother of twins tells her soon-to-be husband. "I'm gonna say something weird, I just will."

this is us

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this is us

Then, Kevin attempts to help Madison with a little improv game. "My old improv coach, he used to have us play this game called Good-Bad-Worst to help loosen us up," he explains. "It's basically like this: I'm dreading seeing my director for the screening of my movie this afternoon, okay? So what do I say when I see him?"

As fans will recall, Kevin abruptly walked off the Vancouver set of the possibly career-defining Glass Eye, costarring Robert De Niro, to make it back to Los Angeles in order to be by Madison's side for the birth of their twins. And since the arrival of son Nicholas and daughter Franny, Kevin hasn't spoken to his director, Jordan Martin Foster.

Dreaming up the best-case scenario of their first conversation since the incident, Kevin tells Madison, "Good: Nice to see you, Foster. Thank you for being so understanding when I stormed off your movie set and left you and De Niro completely stranded."

Then, he gets a little more realistic. "Bad: Hey, three names let's screen this sucker. And then worst: What's up you pretentious jagweed? Let's screen your stupid movie," Kevin says with a tinge of frustration.

this is us

Now, it's Madison's turn. "Good: Rebecca, hi! You look radiant," she says in her greeting. "Bad: Hey girl, I have hella mommy issues so thanks for being a Band-aid," she says, catching Kevin a bit off guard.

"Okay worst? This is hard," she says as Kevin says: "No, no, no. Don't hold back, let it rip. Fire away."

And that she did. Just when he thought it couldn't get that awful for the worst portion of the improv game, Madison took it there.

"Worst: 'Sup Rebecca. How's the Alzheimer's?" Madison says.

Audiences first learned about Rebecca's diagnosis with Alzheimer's disease in season 4 when the Pearson matriarch's doctor told her that she had mild cognitive impairment and testing showed she was in the early stages of the brain disorder.

"Wow, definitely don't say that," Kevin tells Madison.

Also in the upcoming episode, viewers will see Kevin have a run-in with someone from his past and the incident gives him pause. And nearby, Kate and Toby (Chris Sullivan) face unexpected issues in their relationship. Meanwhile in Philadelphia, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) navigates her career path as a dance instructor and owner of her studio.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on NBC.

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