'This Is Us ' Fans React to Series Finale — and Opinions Appear to Be Mixed: 'Simple But So Powerful'

Some fans called the finale "a great ending" on social media, while others said they were "underwhelmed" by the last episode

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the series finale of This Is Us.

Fans are saying goodbye to This Is Us.

After six years on the air, the beloved NBC series came to an end on Tuesday evening. The finale focused on two storylines: the first being a flashback of Pearson family enjoying a free Saturday together, which consisted of chalk drawings, home videos, pin the tail on the donkey and a sweet shaving tutorial by Jack for young Randall and Kevin.

The other storyline followed the Pearson family in present day as they came together for Rebecca Pearson's (Mandy Moore) funeral. While grappling with her death, the Pearsons revealed that they plan to honor their mom by living their lives to the fullest. For Kate (Chrissy Metz), that means opening more music schools for the visually impaired; for Kevin (Justin Hartley), it's continuing his non-profit work, and for Randall (Sterling K. Brown), it means attending the Iowa Caucuses in hopes of running for president.

This Is Us
Justin Hartley as Kevin, Chrissy Metz as Kate, Sterling K. Brown as Randall. Ron Batzdorff/NBC

With the series nicely wrapping up each of the family member's storylines, fans were eager to express their thoughts on social media.

"That was a great ending to the show #ThisIsUs" wrote one user.

"best show on tv. top 10 of all time. like this show will forever be my favorite. im gonna miss this show & this cast so much omg," tweeted someone else.

"I love that the This Is Us series finale was just a day in the life of the Pearson family. This family that we've come to love. It was simple but so powerful. #ThisIsUs" wrote another user.

"Beautiful ending. Perfect story." read one tweet.

"Excellent cast, acting amazing story. Could not have ended any other way, [these] past 6 years ha[ve] been amazing made me part of the family since day 1 im gonna miss seeing them on the screen. They. Deserve to win all the Emmy's #ThisIsUs" tweeted someone else.

Fans were also quick to share their excitement about Randall learning from his adult daughter Deja (La Trice Harper) that he would become a grandfather — to a grandson, sweetly named after his birth father, William.

"Deja's name her for baby. Just perfect. #ThisIsUs" wrote one fan.

"@SterlingKBrown loved the conversation between Randall and Deja. . . Especially her naming the baby boy William. That hit me hard .. and then laughed with Randall's happy dance and reaction. Going to miss Randall, Beth and the girls. #ThisIsUsFinale #ThisIsUs" tweeted another user.

"Deja naming her baby William is such an incredible full circle moment. #ThisIsUs #ThisIsUsFinale" added someone else.

Fans were also emotional at the end when Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) repeated the line that Rebecca had told him years earlier — "When the world puts something this obvious in front of you, you don't just walk away from it" — and then reunited in the afterlife.

"Jack explaining what eternity will be like for Rebecca. Even in death, he lived her well. You just don't see tv shows like that anymore. #thisisus" wrote one user.

"Rebecca squeezed Jack's hand as they were reuniting. I wonder if Randall, Kate, and Kevin will ever realize the significance. #ThisIsUs #ThisIsUsFinale #ThisIsUsFinalChapter" tweeted another user.

However, not everyone was thrilled. Some fans felt they wanted more out of the series finale.

"#ThisIsUs finale..well honestly I was expecting more after all the hype. No kleenex needed for this episode. Little disappointed. Nevertheless, still an amazing series," read one tweet.

"I wanted so much more!!! But I guess this will do…. #ThisIsUs" wrote one user.

"The last block was great, the rest was kind of underwhelming. Wish some time was used to see some future moments after Jack said they'd still get to be apart of those moments. #ThisIsUs" tweeted someone else.

"I'm a little underwhelmed by the last episode. I'm not sure what I wanted but I felt like it could have been more. #ThisIsUs" added someone else.

This Is Us premiered on NBC in September 2016. Over its six-season run, the show earned hundreds of accolades — including more than 30 Emmy Award nominations — before its conclusion on Tuesday.

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