'This Is Us'' Mandy Moore & Teen Big 3 Dressed in Black on Set — Is Jack's Funeral Episode Imminent?

Mandy Moore was pictured on set dressed in head-to-toe black clothing, suggesting to fans that Jack Pearson's funeral episode was being filmed

This Is Us fans, get (more of) your tissues ready — Jack Pearson‘s funeral may soon be detailed in a forthcoming episode(s).

Back in January 2017, audiences first learned that the Pearson siblings were just teenagers when their father died. As teased in a funeral flashback during season 1, episode 13, titled “Three Sentences,” Mandy Moore‘s character Rebecca Pearson and her teen children Kate (Hannah Zeile), Kevin (Logan Shroyer) and Randall (Niles Fitch) dressed in head-to-toe black — ominous clothing at what appeared to be a mortuary for a service where a golden urn and Jack’s portrait were displayed.

Also in season 1, adult Kate, portrayed by Chrissy Metz, revealed to then-boyfriend Toby (Chris Sullivan) that she kept the same golden urn in her house.

Fast forward to the present, Moore, 33, and the actors of the teenage Big Three were pictured on the TIU set in Los Angeles on Tuesday, wearing the same all-black funeral attire, leading many to believe that a deeper narrative into the tragic passing of the beloved patriarch was being filmed.

The four actors were spotted filming with the Pearson family’s Jeep Wagoneer, another sign of the era that Jack died.


This latest photo foreshadows Sunday’s post-Super Bowl episode, which will address the long-awaited death. The highly-anticipated installment will, no doubt, pick up where the Jan. 23 episode left off.

With the Pearson kitchen set ablaze by sparks from a used slow-cooker, flames spread fast without warning due to the battery-less smoke detector that was first teased in the Jan. 17 episode.

This Is Us Jack funeralCredit: NBC

“We’re setting the template for something I’m sure we’re going to revisit down the road,” Moore told Entertainment Weekly last January about taking mental notes while shooting the funeral flashback.

“What I was wearing, what frame of mind I was in, what child I was standing next to — all of [those things] were details that I was like, ‘I need to clock this and remember this. It could be two seasons from now when we actually shoot a real scene around this. I need to remember where I am and what I’m doing,’ ” she said at the time.

“And also to fill in those blanks and those answers — just the nature of the show means that we’re not going to know everything at this point and I have put my thinking hat on and just guess,” the actress added.

Mandy Moore This Is Us
Credit: Mandy Moore/Instagram
Mandy Moore/Instagram

On Thursday, Moore revealed to her Instagram followers that she and the rest of the TIU cast had watched the Super Bowl episode together.

“Watched the Super Bowl episode last night with the cast and I’m still not okay,” she captioned a selfie of herself with eye masks on her face.

This Is Us’ next episode will air on Sunday, Feb. 4 after the Super Bowl. This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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