'This Is Us'' Justin Hartley on 'Gratuitous' Shirtless Scenes: 'It's a Touch Much Sometimes'

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This Is Us star Justin Hartley is mindful of his 12-year-old daughter when he’s acting, especially when asked to take his shirt off for a role.

The physically fit NBC star, who plays an actor on the new drama series, says that being shirtless or “eye candy” has bothered him at times — similar to his character, Kevin.

“Yeah it has to be honest with you. I have no problem doing that kind of stuff when it’s necessary. You know for the show, especially in the pilot episode, we were telling that story, you know of this guy who is being objectified and sort of sick of taking his shirt off for no reason at all. It doesn’t matter what he’s doing, they want his shirt off,” Hartley, 39, told Access Hollywood on Friday.

He continued: “So the interesting thing about that is in order to tell that story you have to sort of show it in that story, right? So I then had to have my shirt off quite a bit in the pilot. That I don’t mind at all, you know storytelling. But the gratuitous stuff it does, it gets a little old sometimes, right? And, raising a daughter, I see this stuff all the time. It’s a touch much sometimes.”

Hartley proceeded to gush about his daughter Isabella Grace who gets “straight As” and wants to be an actor — just like her dad.

“I don’t know where she gets it from. She’s just like smart,” Hartley said. “I don’t know what happened, but she’s really really brilliant and really well-adjusted and kind and nice and gentle and forgiving. She’s a dream.”

Of allowing her to enter into the industry to become an actress, Hartley said, “I would, I would — cautiously.” He further explained that he wants her to recognize the “the thankless no no no for years is the job of an actor,” and is encouraging her to go to school to pursue the craft.

Hartley previously told PEOPLE about his daughter, “I don’t know if this is going to be the one child in the history of the world that doesn’t have any problems, but I’m hoping that she is.” He added jokingly, “Maybe she’s an alien. I’m not sure.”

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