'This Is Us' ' Chrissy Metz Wants to Steam Up Season 2: 'When Are Kate & Toby Going to Have Sex on Screen?'

Says Chrissy Metz, "Fat people do have sex, for the record"

Chrissy Metz has been a voice for many This Is Us fans during her time playing Kate Pearson, and now that season 1 has concluded, she has one more question about Kate's relationship with Chris Sullivan's Toby: "When are they going to have sex, guys? On screen."

Urging for more steamy scenes between the two characters, who are both plus-size, the 36-year-old actress continues, "I want it on screen — I guess it'll offend people, still. But fat people do have sex, for the record."

Metz, who struggled with years of dieting and depression before landing the Golden Globe-nominated role on This Is Us, has been a vocal advocate for body positivity, authenticity and self-confidence since taking a career-defining role on the NBC drama.

"You have to use what you have," she told PEOPLE exclusively in February, "and I wouldn't have this role if I had already lost weight. Now it's about telling a story of a woman struggling with her weight, just as I have and still am."

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But one area where Metz has rarely faced down self-doubt has been in the romance department. In fact, she met her current boyfriend, 40-year-old cameraman Josh Stancil, on the set of the freshman series and broke the ice by teasing him about how he was inhaling his lunch.

"Before I even know it, I called out, 'You better slow down or you're going to choke on your food.' I am typically a little more charismatic than that, I swear," she joked with Marie Claire recently. The relationship, she admits, was "very unexpected. My priority was my job and I was not trying to blow my big shot."

But Metz says the key to their relationship has been clear communication about everything from when they would finally hit the red carpet for the first time as a couple to how to navigate his inevitable twinges of jealousy at the love scenes she has to film for work.

"He's very mature," Metz told PEOPLE in February. "He couldn't be more understanding [of my lifestyle right now]."

And if Metz gets her wish, her real-life Toby just might have to avert his eyes a little while longer when This Is Us returns to NBC this fall.

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