October 18, 2016 04:03 PM

As the star of fall TV’s biggest — and most consistently surprising — breakout hit, Chrissy Metz has to hang on to a lot of closely guarded secrets, but the actress did divulge a few details about forthcoming episodes of the twisty tearjerker.

Stopping by PEOPLE Now to show an exclusive clip from Tuesday’s episode, Metz revealed there is “a little trouble in paradise” brewing for her character Kate and Kate’s boyfriend Toby (Chris Sullivan) after she gets a glimpse of his “glamorous” ex-wife.

Metz, 37. explains that her Kate, who met Toby in a weight loss group, is “already dealing with her self-worth issues” before spotting her man’s svelte ex.

As for the rest of the latest installment, Metz teases that “there are some irons in the fire — there are some things we are going to uncover and discover and discard, hopefully. … Some scenes are going to pull at your heartstrings, and people relate to it because it’s just real life.”

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Looking farther into the future, Metz hints viewers may finally get to see the entire This Is Us family together: “Well there are holidays coming up, families do get together for holidays, so stick around.”

As for whether Milo Ventimiglia‘s patriarch Jack — whose fate in the present day is unclear after a big twist at the end of episode 2 — will be there, the actress remains coy: “That’s the question everyone wants to know.”

And though fans still have to bide their time until the on-screen clan gathers together, Metz reveals that same isn’t true of the actors themselves.

Between ending up on the same flights to meeting for dinner, she says life is imitating art: “We love each other!” In fact, she and her costars are even “planning a wine trip together.”

But they’re probably not booking group viewing parties since Metz admits to being frequently reduced to tears by the show just like so many other sniffling fans.

“I do [cry when I watch]. I’m not kidding,” she confessed. “I’m so attached to all the other actors and their storylines, and I’m invested. It’s just like an audience member watching a television show.”

On a happier note, the actress is looking forward to what’s in store for Kate, saying it “would be nice to see the trajectory of the woman that she always knew she could be — and that’s what we all kind of want, we’re all figuring it out.”

This Is Us airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on NBC.

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