'This Is Us' Star Chris Sullivan Opens Up About Keeping the Romance in His Marriage Alive

The star of This Is Us wants to help couples be more romantic and attentive for August, which is Romance Awareness Month

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August is Romance Awareness Month — and This Is Us star Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby on the show, has partnered with Match to help men (and women!) bring a little more love into their lives.

In a cute new Instagram post, Sullivan, 37, opened up about the rules he and his wife, producer Rachel Reichard, have to keep their six-year union going strong. “Romance means making yourself vulnerable,” he tells PEOPLE. “Ask your partner what they need to feel loved and when they tell you, say, ‘I can do that!’ Love is an action verb, and romance is the result of those actions.”

As for what romantic gestures he does for his wife, Reichard told him she appreciated the small things more than giant displays of affection. “There are small things I do for her every day because I know she loves them,” he says. “Making a killer breakfast burrito? I got game. Washing the car? Love it. Doing the dishes? I love it more than washing the car. Executing small shows of affection for my #WonderWife lets her know I’m paying attention and care about things she cares about. And by the way, she does tons of stuff I love too.”

As for what he’s learned from his This Is Us character about romance, he says that having a sense of humor is important — but it’s not everything. “It’s important, and possibly even necessary for survival, but it has to be balanced with good boundaries and a healthy sense of self,” he says. As for his onscreen future with Kate, played by Chrissy Metz, “Their marriage looks like two people learning to love themselves and navigate their shortcomings while attempting to care for each other. It will be a feat of relationship gymnastics, but they both seem pretty limber.”

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He adds that he wanted to work with Match on Romance Awareness Month because he and his wife do push each other to be better partners to each other, and they also want to hear how other couples keep romance alive in their day-to-day lives. “Tag me in your posts! We’ll take all the advice we can get.”

As for knowing the end game of This Is Us, as Mandy Moore recently claimed to know, Sullivan pleads the fifth. “I know nothing!”

This Is Us season 3 kicks off on Sept. 25 on NBC.

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