Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

“Those guys are tough as nails. They’re tanks. They have armor on,” says Erik of his veteran Survivor competitors. Of course, not all the favorites are men of steel.

The biggest shocker this week wasn’t the latest back-island deal, but how small injuries have turned into big nightmares. Jonathan Penner ended up choosing his leg over the island after the show’s medical examiner explained to him that a pain in his groin wasn’t a good sign. The Hollywood writer left in a tearful goodbye. “Bad luck on Johnny,” he says while exiting.

And just when Jonathan was being ferried away to a hospital, the second survivor injury reared its head. Chet, nursing a coral cut he thought he had under control, begged his Malakal teammates to vote him off even after getting a mini-vacation on Exile Island. The plea prompted Erik to emulate the no-holds-barred strategy of the favorites alliance: He decides Chet’s “dying breath” (melodrama is apparently the byproduct of a diet of coconuts) should be used to blindside sly Ozzy and vote him off the island. “It would be the craziest play ever, in the history of this game,” says the wide-eyed ice cream jockey.

Ozzy must’ve known he’d been targeted, so at tribal council he unleashed a “threat” of his own: “If I get voted off tonight I’ll jump naked off this pier.” Unfortunately for all the girls crushing on the Survivor: Cook Island alum, his pants stayed on, and Chet walked off. –Jonathan Stern

Tell us: Who do you think the strongest survivor is? Who’s the weakest? Monty Brinton/CBS