Credit: Chris Haston/Bravo

After anticipating the boot last week, Trent Patterson fell on his sword and volunteered himself to go packing on this week’s Biggest Loser.

It was a shock to Dan (who has a hard time trusting his back-stabbing teammates after they eliminated his mom on the previous episode) and made everyone a little teary. Why so much emotion? Trent was the least-manipulative, most honest player in five seasons of the overly dramatic, sometimes frustrating show. The 436 lbs., former football player wasn’t playing any games. And when we found out that he put off surgery on his knee until after the season finale so it wouldn’t interrupt his training? Well, it was enough to make anyone sob in their instant oatmeal.

But it was still not enough to ever make us want cozy up on a sofa for a therapy session with Jillian‘s mom. It was that big reveal that gets our vote for the “Most Whaaa?” moment of the season. After a huge build up of who the heck Jillian’s “mystery therapist” might be (we knew for sure it wasn’t Dr. Phil, but after that it was anyone’s guess), Mama Jillian walked through the door. And by the looks on the Black Team member’s faces, they were as bewildered as we were.

Regardless, a one hour session with a psychoanalyst just doesn’t seem like not time to probe a lifetime of weight issues, or does it? –Caryn Midler

Chris Haston/Bravo