The miniseries continuation is set to premiere on Fox in 2016


The X-Files has dropped a spooky trailer just in time for Halloween – complete with alien conspiracy theories and hints of gore.

“We must ask ourselves, are we truly alone? Or are we being lied to?” says David Duchovny‘s Fox Mulder.

His partner, Gillian Anderson‘s Dana Scully warns him, “You are on dangerous ground here.” But as Moulder points out, “When has that ever stopped us?”

An unidentified man claims the government has been hiding alien technology, and a quick shot of a creepy alien-looking kid (with a pet bird) seems to confirm this.

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“It’s going to be strange and fun,” Duchovny told PEOPLE earlier this year of returning to the Fox show. “Thankfully Gillian will be there, and we’ll both be in positions of like, ‘Are we really here again? Are we really saying those words again?’ At least we’ll have each other.”