'The Wilds' Cast Teases Possibilities for a Potential Season 3: 'The Cliffhangers Are So Good'

Zack Calderon tells PEOPLE if the potential third season is "anything like season 2, we're in for a big old surprise"

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for season 2 of The Wilds, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Back to square one!

Just when the surviving boys and girls of Gretchen Klein's dangerous social experiment thought they were rescued and free, they find themselves stranded once again at the end of The Wilds season 2. This time, though, it's a co-ed crop of subjects left behind by the adults.

"The cliffhangers are so good," Sarah Pidgeon, who plays Leah, tells PEOPLE, adding that creator Sarah Streicher and the writing team is often "pretty tight-lipped" about the story's upcoming directions. "It was a thrill ride every single time we got those scripts in our inbox. There's just so many unexpected twists and turns and new challenges."

Fatin actress Sophia Ali, for one, was "shocked" to find out the second season conclusion — "I still don't know what it means!"

And while being mixed with the guys might seem like her boy-obsessed character's dream come true, Ali says Fatin has evolved since season 1: "I don't think so now. She's now loves the women, loves being a caretaker for them. I think she's totally adjusted her priorities, so it'll be very interesting now when guys are introduced how she does adjusts to them again."

The Wilds
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"I want to see everyone progress farther than what they already have, and I feel like coming back together and making it more normal to society is almost going to reverse everyone for a second and they're all going to go back to who they used to be and not really know how to act with survival at the forefront in that environment with men around now," adds Ali. "Then there's going to have to be an adjustment period to be like, 'Okay, now we've got to survive like we used to and then we have to escape.' It's like more barriers."

Pidgeon wants to see a "schism between everyone in the bunker" next season — "especially in the boys; there are clearly factions that are sort of divided, then they get back together and then they just fracture so much."

"I think that certainly happens with the girls to a certain extent in season 1 but less in season 2," she says. "I would like to see how those bonds can break again and how new alliances could form, how the suspicions can manifest. I mean, I just can't imagine what it's like. You know, they were, these people were trapped in the like open space of an island and I wonder what it will be like if they're trapped in a bunker together."

Newbie Charles Alexander, who plays Kirin, jokes he has no clue where the show could be headed next — "I'm nowhere near as good a writer as Sarah" — but shares his wild idea for what's to come.

"I want them to go like island-vacay mode, where they're going in and out of this facility like it's a concrete underground rave cave. And they hijack the speakers, and they've got different rooms and each room has got a different vibe," he says with a laugh.

The Wilds
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"Then," continues Alexander, "Seth [played by Alex Fitzalan] comes in and just boom, just knocks them out, sends them in blackout mode. They're locked out. Half the group's out on the island, the rest of the group's still in. ... So they get cut off, and it's like no-power group inside an urban lock, they're all in darkness, and then you got everyone doing their island s--- outside. That's what I'd like to see!"

Rafael actor Zack Calderon echoes that The Wilds' writers are "lock-and-key" with story trajectories but he's confident whatever's in store for the cast and crew will be exciting.

"I think we've made something really, really beautiful," Calderon tells PEOPLE, "and in terms of what to do for season 3, only time will tell. But if it's anything like season 2, we're in for a big old surprise."

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