'The Wilds' Cast on the Advice They Gave Season 2 Newcomers: 'Ask for Sunscreen When You Need It'

The Wilds stars Sophia Ali, Sarah Pidgeon, Charles Alexander and Zack Calderon tell PEOPLE about making season 2 — and who was the "mother of the group" on set

The Wilds
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The women of The Wilds offered their newbie male counterparts advice for braving the elements.

Season 2 of Amazon Prime Video's twisty drama about a group of teen girls who fend for themselves after crash-landing on a deserted island debuted Friday, shifting some of the focus to a separate island where boys are forced to band together for survival.

Speaking with PEOPLE, some of The Wilds veterans revealed the tips they shared with the newcomers for long days filming on the beaches in Australia.

"Ask for sunscreen when you need it. I got burned bad a few times season 1. I think that's probably the biggest piece of advice," says Sarah Pidgeon, who plays Leah. She added, "I feel like I couldn't really offer any huge bits of wisdom considering I was also still sort of learning on the fly as well."

Meanwhile, Sophia Ali, who returns as Fatin, gave individual advice to the new additions to the cast: "Definitely. I couldn't even sit here and tell you what I told them because it was all so individually catered. It was similar to what the women experienced, which I thought was interesting."

The Wilds
Kane Skennar/Amazon Prime Video

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The "mother of the group" was Reign Edwards (Rachel), says Zack Calderon, who joins the cast as Rafael in the new episodes.

"She gave me the lowdown on, 'These are the long dates, this is where you write this stuff down, this is how you're going to get through all the aches and pains, make sure you do this every morning.' She's very much the one that gave me all the tips and tricks, and it's just a combination of a lot of espresso and some good heavy makeup to cover the bags under my eyes."

Charles Alexander makes his television debut this season, landing the role of athletic Kirin after making his way through some 200 failed auditions beforehand. The Australian actor says he "grew up on the beach," so he became the more seasoned one on set in that matter.

"I was on home soil. Shooting in Australia, I would think, 'Oh, my first American show. I wish it was overseas.' And then being back here, being here and on the beach and just even seeing how some of the Americans walk on the sand, I was just like, 'Oh, kook,' " he said, using Aussie slang for beginners. "No criticism — it's just like you're either the beach person or you're not!"

The Wilds Cast
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He says working on the series was "like summer camp," sharing, "We were all staying in the same high-rise on the beach. There was no escaping the sand. And the girls were super welcoming and everyone seemed to have a birthday every second weekend. We were always doing barbecue cookouts and that sort of stuff."

Even with all their outdoors time, the stars (mostly) agree that they never grew tired of the beach.

"No, because it's just different when you're experiencing it on vacation versus working. I feel like I almost appreciate it more while working, just because I'm looking for that outlet," says Ali, while Pidgeon adds, "I don't think I'm sick of mother nature quite yet."

The Wilds is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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