The Wendy Williams Show Will Return for Season 12 in September: 'I Can't Wait to Get Back!'

"I'm so excited to bring you silly, funny, glamour and hopefully brighten your day during these crazy times," Wendy Williams said in an Instagram post, announcing the show's return

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty

The Wendy Williams Show will be returning for its 12th season this September.

Host Wendy Williams announced the exciting news on Instagram Tuesday, sharing that the daytime talk show will premiere on Sept. 21.

"The 12th season of WENDY starts SEPTEMBER 21!!! I can't wait to get back to all of YOU and to my AMAZING staff and crew!!! I'm soooo excited to bring you silly, funny, glamour and hopefully brighten your day during these crazy times that we're all living in... even if for just an hour," Williams wrote.

She also confirmed that the show, which had been airing remote episodes since April 6, will be returning to the studio. "I miss you and can't wait to get back in my purple chair and show you what we did to the set," she wrote. "I L💜VE you for watching!"

On Monday, New York entered phase 4 of its reopening plan, Deadline reported. The plan includes restrictions on capacity, crew and who is allowed on set.

Williams did not specify in her announcement on Tuesday what filming protocols have been put in place amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and how the show will be different this time around.

News of the show's return comes after a spokesperson for The Wendy Williams Show told PEOPLE last month that the series would not be returning to air until it could go back into production in the studio.

"The goal is to be back in studio as soon as we are allowed. If that is delayed until later in the year, we may revisit the at home shows," the spokesperson said.

Williams had also announced on Instagram that she would be holding off on at-home shows as she waited for the state of New York to determine when it would be safe to return to work.

Wendy Williams. The Wendy Williams Show

"Hi it's me from home and hopefully for not too long. You know what I'm waiting for? I'm waiting for the state of New York to say that we as a show can go back," Williams previously explained.

"We got 200 people in our audience, we'll never have that again. But, I want to go back to do our show. Nothing makes me happier than being Wendy on the Wendy Show. I've got the love and the boyfriends and all that other kinds of stuff. I'm in my house, but what I want the most is to be with you. I miss you a lot," Williams added.

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