The Walking Dead's Angel Theory Stars in New Trailer for Supernatural Series Kinderfanger

Kinderfanger premieres Oct. 30 on Crypt TV's Facebook Watch page

Kinderfanger trailer

The Walking Dead star Angel Theory is taking on a new kind of monster in Crypt TV's upcoming supernatural series, Kinderfanger.

Theory, who is hard of hearing/deaf, plays Olivia, a hard of hearing/deaf teacher who discovers she may hold the key to finding an ancient evil force that is assembling an army of troubled souls.

Kinderfanger, which premieres Oct. 30, is based on the 2017 Crypt TV original series of the same name and is produced and directed by Christopher Alender. New episodes will be released every Friday on Crypt's Facebook Watch page.

In the new trailer for the series, Olivia begins to notice a troubling pattern. "It feels like every day another kid goes missing," she says.

Soon, it becomes clear that something inhuman is at work causing the disappearances — and Olivia has the unique ability to hear its song.

"It's a creature with one goal: to lure away neglected kids and feed on them," another character tells her. "I think you heard its song — the piper's song."

"We need to end this thing," Olivia says.

As the trailer comes to an eerie close, Olivia says, "Not all of us stopped believing in monsters when we grew up."

Theory, 21, recently posted about the series on Instagram post, sharing the poster and a shot of her in character.

"Excited for you all to meet her," the actress wrote. "This has been one hell of an experience! Proud of this team for not only getting through filming during this pandemic but being so damn awesome, open-minded and making sure everyone felt safe on set."

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