Meanwhile, fans are threatening to send AMC the way of Lizzie

Credit: Gene Page/AMC

While it’s an inevitability that clueless co-workers and Facebook acquaintances will sometimes spoil the major plot points of your favorite TV shows, you can generally find a safe place in the official social media accounts of the TV shows in question.

However, that wasn’t the case for AMC’s The Walking Dead after the East Coast airing of the midseason finale, “Coda.”

SPOILERS below, obviously!

Almost immediately following the East Coast airing on Sunday, TWD‘s official Facebook page posted the below photo:

The image, which has Daryl (Norman Reedus) carrying Beth’s (Emily Kinney) dead body, leaves little room for interpretation. Neither does the caption “RIP Beth.”

West Coast viewers – and East Coast viewers who simply hadn’t yet had time to watch the episode – immediately lost their minds.

One memorable comment from user Cathy Griffin Bishop features a photo of a tearful Carol (Melissa McBride) pointing her gun with the caption, “AMC, look at the flowers,” referencing her mercy killing of Lizzie in season 4.

As of this writing, AMC’s photo has been commented on nearly 140,000 times – very few of the comments are mournful eulogies of Beth; instead, you’ll find profanity-laced diatribes and memes blasting the network for spoiling her death before an acceptable amount of time had passed.

The Telegraph reports that the image was pulled until after the West Coast airing. However, “viewers reported still seeing the post in their [Facebook] feeds as a ‘highlight.’ ”

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