Rick and Carol began preparing for a war in Alexandria that may come to pass if only due to self-fulfilling prophecy

March 08, 2015 10:00 PM

Alexandria could indeed be the safe haven that it appears to be; however, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) continues to refuse to entertain that idea.

“Forget” was played out by the Bee Gees’ “Spicks and Specks,” and the song summed up Rick’s attitude about Alexandria: “Where is the sun / That shone on my head? / The sun in my life / It is dead … Where is the girl I loved / All along? / The girl that I loved / She’s gone.”

At this point, nothing really matters for Rick other than maintaining the status quo – that is, simply surviving – because the sun doesn’t really flicker back to life once it’s been snuffed out.

In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, even Daryl (Norman Reedus) began to soften and believe in Alexandria; meanwhile, Carol (Melissa McBride) threatened a small child’s life, and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) yelled in a nice lady’s face because she wanted to cook her a nice meal. Business as usual.

Team Rick Prepares for War (Just in Case)

While Rick doesn’t believe in Alexandria, that’s not to say he doesn’t want the rest of the group to try to find a home there. However, he has taken it upon himself to make sure that they’re prepared for whatever may come. So, without the rest knowing, Rick formed a plan with Carol and Daryl to pilfer from Alexandria’s armory.

Michonne (Danai Gurira), while certainly more of a believer than Rick, was suspicious of the position she was given by Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh). “I don’t know if this is some kind of play,” she said of handing authority to strangers.

However, later, Deanna assured them both that “people will listen to you because they believe in this. Because I’m telling them to.” She wants to start a civilization, and Rick and Michonne are key parts in that plan (however nefarious it might be).

When Team Rick learned that there was nobody manning the lookout tower, Sasha – who is clearly in the midst of some sort of breakdown – volunteered for as many shifts as possible. Deanna, rightfully suspicious of her intensity, said she’d “consider” it … if Team Rick would attend her welcome party.

Aaron and Daryl Bond

Ross Marquand (as Aaron) on The Walking Dead

During a run beyond the wall, Daryl and Aaron (Ross Marquand) developed an understanding. It’s the kind of thing that can happen when, on the hunt for a wild horse, you get attacked by a horde of walkers and then watch another horde take down a huge, beautiful horse that was on the run for ages before it was felled by the very things keeping you hiding behind a wall. You know.

Later, at Aaron and Eric’s (Jordan Woods-Robinson) house, Aaron showed Daryl his garage, where he’d been keeping a previous tenant’s old motorcycle that was in need of repair. Aaron continued to wear Daryl down by showing him the more human side of Alexandria: “I know you’re feeling like an outsider. It’s not your fault. Eric and I, we’re still looked at as outsiders in a lot of ways. … People are people. The more afraid, the more stupid they get. … Let them get to know you.”

Aaron wanted Daryl to become a recruiter like him. “I don’t want Eric risking his life anymore,” he explained, adding, “I know it’s hard getting used to people getting used to you, and I understand. Right now you need to be out there sometimes. … But the main reason I want you to help me recruit is because you do know the difference between a good person and a bad person.”

Daryl, overwhelmed by the motorcycle and the chance to contribute to Alexandria by sometimes being far away from it, gruffly told Aaron that he’d get him some rabbits as thanks.

It’s My Party and I’ll Scream in Your Face and Steal Your Guns If I Want To

If there was anything we truly learned about Alexandria this week, it’s that its denizens make alcohol a huge priority. The welcome party was better stocked than a frat rager, which satisfied Abraham (Michael Cudlitz). “I don’t know about this,” he initially told Rosita. “They have beer,” she replied. Abraham: “I’m gonna try.” Brave man.

Carol used the distraction of the party to sneak into the armory via the window she’d unlatched during her work in the kitchens earlier that day. However, she was followed by Jessie’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) son, Sam (Major Dodson). Carol, who hilariously played the part of innocent den mother throughout the rest of the episode, dropped the façade in order to put the fear of God into the little boy, who’d said he wouldn’t be able to keep secret the fact that he saw her stealing guns.

(Related lesson for kids: If you see somebody stealing guns, your best bet is to do whatever they say.)

We’ve transcribed Carol’s warning for full effect: “You can never tell anyone, especially your mom. Because if you do, one morning you’ll wake up, and you won’t be in your bed. You’ll be outside the walls, far, far away, tied to a tree. And you’ll scream and scream because you’ll be so afraid, but no one will come to help because no one will hear you. Well, something will hear you. The monsters will come, and you won’t be able to run away when they come for you. And they will tear you apart and chew you up while you’re still alive, all while you can still feel it, and then afterwards no one will ever know what happened to you.”

She finished, “Or, you can promise not to ever tell anyone that you saw me, and then nothing will happen and you’ll get cookies. Lots of cookies. I know what I think you should do.”

Carol, you terrifying scamp.

Once Sasha arrived at the party, she was immediately overwhelmed, and memories of her dead brother Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) and Beth (Emily Kinney) flashed in her mind. A woman asked Sasha for her favorite meal so she could cook it for her, and Sasha couldn’t answer the question. “I’m just worried I’ll pick something you hate!” said the woman, laughing self-consciously. “You’re worried?” Sasha shouted. “That’s what you worry about?” The party went silent. So, she’s not well.

Party Hangover

The next day, Sasha told Deanna that “this, it isn’t real,” referring to Alexandria. Deanna told Sasha she accepts her for what she’s been through but still, “that’s bulls—.” Deanna then opened the doors, and Sasha walked out. It doesn’t seem like she’ll return, but one thing is certain: Alexandria can’t be home for her anytime soon.

Beyond the wall and by their standard meeting place – the shack near which Rick stashed a gun in a blender – Carol began to dole out her new weaponry. Daryl turned down the guns, prompting a concerned look from Carol. “You wanted me to try, right? I’m good,” he said.

Rick hesitated, too, but he ended up taking a handgun. Later, as he patrolled the streets of Alexandria, he touched the gun tucked in his waistband just to feel its comforting weight.

Then, he stood in front of the wall and listened to a walker moan on the other side as the Bee Gees sang, “The spicks and the specks / Of my life have gone away.”

Also Worth Noting

• Referring to the wild horse Daryl and Aaron landed upon, Daryl said, “The longer they’re out there, the more they become what they really are.” Revealing, Daryl – revealing. You happen to have a poetry journal stashed somewhere on you?

• Rick and Jessie are, no doubt, going to have sex despite her husband Pete (Corey Brill). They gave each other eyes at the party all evening, and he even kissed her on the cheek in a move that felt not at all platonic.

• Talking to Abraham at the party, Michonne admitted she hadn’t done all that much to truly assimilate into the community. “I put on this dress,” she told him. Later, we watched her hang up her sword.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on AMC.

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