The remaining six finalists step it up as they compete for a spot in the semifinals

By Andrea Billups
Updated December 03, 2013 09:10 AM
Trae Patton/NBC (2)

It’s one thing to perform one of your coach’s career-defining songs; it’s yet another to do it powerfully and earn her full blessing.

That’s what New Jersey teen Jacquie Lee did Monday night on The Voice when she tackled Christina Aguilera‘s coming-of-age ballad “The Voice Within” with a vocal range rivaling her own coach, who was feeling their connection.

“I do find so many similarities in you, not only as a vocalist but as a person,” a beaming Aguilera told Lee. “It’s a struggle to find yourself, so young, in this business I wrote this song when I was 20, 21, and it was a time in my life when you’re being pushed and pulled in so many directions.”

She added, “I just see so many things for you in the future. It really takes a lot to dig deep at 16 and deliver the way you do time and time again.”

Jamaica’s Tessanne Chin kept up her string of finessed performances, singing Katy Perry‘s “Unconditionally” and Bob Marley’s impassioned “Redemption Song.” Blake Shelton was impressed, saying, “You are a world-class vocalist Every time you are up there you can sing with the best vocalists on earth. I haven’t seen anything quite like you on this show.”

Matthew Schuler, who was in the bottom three but was saved by Twitter votes last week, came back strong on the 1966 Percy Sledge hit, “When A Man Loves a Woman.” “That was as good as I ever heard you sing,” Shelton praised.

Will Champlin continued to show off his musicality, this time pulling out a banjo to perform his second song of the night, Avicii’s quirky country-house tune “Hey Brother.”

“You are a really powerful vocalist,” his coach, Adam Levine, said. “I’m just such a fan of yours. I want to know more.”

Also showcasing his ability to change gears, James Wolpert easily navigated the fast-moving lyrics of the White Stripes‘s “Fell in Love with a Girl.” He later followed with a theatrical turn on Meatloaf’s iconic rock anthem “I Would Do Anything for Love.”

It was also revealed that Wolpert had woken up ill Monday morning, but his performances never gave him away.

“James, I think you do embody the rock opera. I see you take the liberty and just command the stage. I really just love the confidence. It’s not overbearing. It’s just enough,” coach Cee Lo Green praised.

Green, who saw the final artist on his team eliminated last week, handicapped the show’s finale: “It’s going to be between Tessanne and James, to me.”

Also raising his stock considerably Monday was Shelton‘s final contestant in the competition, Cole Vosbury, who made his mom, who was in the audience, cry with his rendition of the Hall & Oates classic “Rich Girl.”

“It’s clear when you get on stage that you’ve been working hard at this for a long time,” Shelton told the bearded singer, calling him “a pro.”

After Vosbury took on James Morrison’s “Better Man,” dedicating it to a former love, Green told him he was living vicariously through his progress on the show.

“It’s bittersweet for me, but it’s sweeter, to see you grow,” said Green, who previously had Vosbury on his team. “It would be super cool for you to win this thing.”

The Voice returns Tuesday night when one contestant will be sent home, setting up the Top 5 semifinals.