'The Voice' Finalists Confident, Nervous and Hopeful at Show's End

"We want to win, don't get us wrong, but they are just great people," Cotlon Swon says

Photo: Tyler Golden/NBC

Texas teen Danielle Bradbery predicted she wouldn’t sleep at all Monday night. But the Swon Brothers said they’d rest peacefully, knowing they did their best on the final night of competition on season 4 of The Voice.

With the winner set to be announced live on Tuesday, Colton and Zach Swon told PEOPLE the night before that they felt like one of the ladies – indie rocker Michelle Chamuel of Team Usher or Bradbery – would take home the big prize.

“We’ll be able to sleep tonight, and to see one of these girls win, we would be just as excited,” Colton said. “We want to win, don’t get us wrong, but they are just great people. The both deserve it.”

Added Zach: “Danielle is a little prodigy.”

Bradbery recounted how she went from a young girl singing in her room with an amplifier her dad bought to commanding a national stage. Bradbery said her mom signed her up for The Voice, where she gave her first professional performances ever. Now she’s close to a dream come true with the show’s coaches labeling her a star.

“I’ve come a long way and Blake keeps asking me if this is what I want to do. Do I want to be a star and perform places?” Bradbery said. “I told him that I’ve always been dreaming about it and if I didn’t want it then I wouldn’t have auditioned.”

So what’s her next step? “I feel like I could start off making a single,” said Bradbery, 16. “I could start off really small, but then eventually get bigger.”

The Swons, an Oklahoma duo and one of two artists left from Team Blake, would like to give Shelton a birthday gift by winning, but said his wife, country star Miranda Lambert, gave them some good advice on what to do regardless of the outcome of the show.

“She said to keep our eyes on the prize,” Colton said. “She just said that it’s almost over so stay focused.”

Added Zach: “She said she came in third on Nashville Star and look where she ended up. She’s like ‘Don’t worry about winning. We are going to do great.’ ”

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