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April 29, 2014 11:40 PM

And then there were eight.

The Voice‘s live elimination show whittled down two artists from the Top Ten Tuesday with the help of America – or at least the Twitterverse – and determined whether Adam Levine and Blake Shelton still have the secret formula for success.

The show kicked off in newsy fashion when host Carson Daly announced that Gwen Stefani will join The Voice‘s coaching panel next season (just in case you hadn’t already read [CELEBRITY_LINK‘s Tweet” “” “” “0” ].) He also revealed that the No Doubt frontwoman will join fellow newbie coach Pharrell Williams onstage for a performance next Monday.

Yet the real news of the show was attempting to figure out who wouldn’t be appearing on stage next week, and that became increasingly clear as the show soldiered on. Read on to find out more.

As usual, Daly announced the saved artists first until the bottom three were left onstage.

This week, the unlucky trio consisted of Kat Perkins of Team Adam, Bria Kelly of Team Usher and Tess Boyer of Team Shakira – who was instantly saved by America last week. (Apparently karma didn’t get the better of Shelton, who saw all three of his artists advance despite deviously tweeting out Levine’s cell number the previous night between performances.)

In a new format unveiled last week, the bottom three then had to perform new songs to earn the votes they would need on Twitter to remain on the show.

Kelly, the 18-year-old Virginia phenom who’s performed with the likes of Miranda Lambert, kicked things off in leather pants singing “Crazy on You.” The bluesy rocker let the tears flow the previous night when her rendition of “I’m With You” yielded some criticism from the coaches – particularly Levine – but her coach, Usher, sweetly attempted to buck her up Tuesday evening after praising her do-or-die performance.

“I felt great about the performance. I’ve always felt great about Bria,” he said. “Remember, you’re not defined by what someone else thinks about you. What you are is amazing because you say you are.”

Up next was Boyer, a pre-law student and former NFL cheerleader, who delivered another impressive pressure-filled performance, this time singing “Who Knew.”

“I’m devastated to see you up there again,” said coach Shakira, who looked legitimately devastated, after the song. “You are a fighter. You just proved that to us. … Please save Tess.”

Perkins, a Minneapolis rocker/nanny, finished off the high-stakes performances with a slinky, commanding version of “Paris Ooh La La” that had coach Levine on his feet and issuing an impassioned plea for her continued stay.

“Typically when someone is in the bottom three the week after they tend to go home,” he stated. “This girl deserves to go all the way. If you save this girl, to me it’s obvious she’s going to finally beat the odds by staying all the way ’til the end.”

Levine’s speech worked. America saved Perkins by a wide margin – as evidenced by the graphic that ran on the bottom of the screen during the commercial break – which means both he and Shelton will see all three of their artists perform again next week. Usher and Shakira are both down to just one singer each on their teams.

The Top 8 will perform live on The Voice next Monday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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