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October 01, 2014 06:30 AM

It’s official: Pharrell Williams will pretty much stop at nothing to win over a contestant he wants on The Voice.

The master singer-songwriter-producer-and-hat-wearer wooed contestants using everything from expertly crafted sales pitches to doodling like a lovesick schoolboy in an attempt to win over promising contestants as season 7’s blind auditions continued Tuesday.

His arsenal was on full display as the show kicked off with a commanding rendition of “At Last” by San Diego resident Katriz Trinidad, who sounded much older than her 15 years.

The Filipino-American’s performance compelled three coaches to press their buttons – Williams, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani – and Williams brought his A-game as he made a play for the high-school-aged singer.

“I never thought that I would find something I usually look for for my own label,” he said convincingly. “I have been dreaming about an artist like you for my entire career.”

The newbie coach then got on his knees to show his devotion.

“I want you on my team so bad,” he begged. “And I’ve never done this.”

Shelton also showered Trinidad with compliments – and made it seem she could be a contender until the end.

“All of us in the back of our minds keep the hope alive that somehow we’ll find someone who is born to be a star,” Shelton said. “I think you could be that person … You deserve to win this thing.”

Not to be outdone, Williams then offered a final plea to Trinidad, cartoonishly drawing the word “Please” on a piece of paper and holding it up with a fawning look. Shelton, meanwhile, countered by making his hands into a Taylor Swift-style heart.

In the end, Trinidad couldn’t help but be moved by Williams’s gestures, and proudly joined his team.

The night also included two dramatic four-chair-turns that gave the coaches more chances to test their powers of persuasion.

Pittsburgh native Chris Jamison, a 20-year-old college student and triplet, won over all four coaches with his soulful version of “Gravity,” which earned kudos for its raw emotion.

“Your technique is mind-blowing, then I turn around and you look like that? Freak of nature!” Stefani said, shortly after declaring him “really cute.”

Fellow coach Adam Levine also praised Jamison for his emotion, but offered constructive criticism as well, encouraging him to back off to “about 85 percent.”

Williams, who added two singers to his team Tuesday, and Shelton, who picked up three male singers, were more effusive in their praise, but Jamison ultimately chose Levine, citing his constructive criticism as a deciding factor in his decision.

The night ended with the other four-chair-turn of the evening as Jonathan Wyndham, a 22-year-old South Carolina-based musician, delivered a vulnerable-yet-controlled version of “Say Something” that got all the coaches excited.

Stefani, who picked up three female artists on Tuesday, deemed the performance “sincere,” while Williams told him he “had an interesting tone and conviction.”

Levine once again opted for constructive criticism, telling Wyndham he enjoyed his “delicate vulnerability” and “I wanted to hear a little less nerves and more of the vulnerable thing.”

In the end, Levine’s tactic worked again: Wyndam chose Levine, and the veteran coach closed out the show gloating over his victory in the two four-chair-turns of the night.

“Oh, it feels good to be king again,” he declared after nabbing four artist in total during the evening.

The Voice returns Monday at 8 p.m. ET as the blind auditions conclude next week.

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