The coaches add to their teams on the second night of blind auditions

The Voice coaches all had the same message for a contestant who delivered a masterful version of Sam Smith’s haunting hit: Stay with me.

But Los Angeles resident Maiya Sykes, who closed out the second night of blind auditions Tuesday with the emotional song, could only choose one coach – although they all tried their best to woo the professional singer and Yale graduate, who has been struggling to find her footing in the music industry for well over a decade.

“What excites me the most is that when people have their own story, it’s about amplifying who you are and you telling the world your story,” newbie coach Pharrell Williams said in a heartfelt appeal. “Do I get a little bit of Aretha? Yes. Do I get a little bit of Gladys Knight? Yes. But I am so interested in who you personally are, and that’s the story I want to amplify.”

Sykes, 36, earned a four-chair turn just seconds into her audition, and dropped to her knees with tears in her eyes after her performance ended.

“Wherever you go, you’re going to do great in the show. Your voice is ridiculous,” gushed fellow newbie coach Gwen Stefani. “But what we could do together is talk about clothes, fashion.”

“What is this, a slumber party?” interjected coach Blake Shelton. “I’ll get you a spa day!”

“No, that’s a huge part of it,” Stefani insisted. “If you’re that perfect and your voice is that amazing, you need to bring out some kind of uniqueness so you stand out.”

Sykes ultimately chose Williams as her coach – and the duo did a happy dance (no, not that one) together on stage in celebration.

Sykes was one of three artists to get all four coaches to turn their chairs Tuesday.

Joe Kirk, a 17-year-old Nashville singer attempting to kick-start a career in the Music City alongside his older brothers, earned a four-chair swivel with his sweet rendition of “Lego House.”

Shelton offered his sales pitch first, and attempted to woo Kirk with his Nashville connections, prompting Williams to deem him the “Nashville Whisperer” and “The Voice Jedi” with an exaggerated eye roll.

Yet Shelton, who is used to getting most of the backtalk from fellow veteran coach Adam Levine, didn’t take the backhanded compliments lying down.

The country star promptly pulled a ridiculously oversized sheriff’s hat out from under his seat and put it on to playfully mock the successful singer/songwriter/producer, who’s had a notable love affair with a Canadian Mountie-style hat in the past year.

“How seriously are you going to take this guy when he’s giving you some heartfelt speech and you’re waiting for him to make you an Arby’s roast beef sandwich,” Shelton declared while wearing the topper.

In the end, Kirk steered clear of both coaches, instead choosing Levine, who likened him to a “little brother.” Kirk was the only artist Levine added Tuesday night.

Texas native Taylor Phelan also earned a four-chair turn for his fun and focused version of “Sweater Weather.”

“You were so lost in what you were doing,” Levine said in praise, and Shelton agreed.

“I’ve never seen an artist be so completely locked-in,” said Shelton, who picked up two country artists Tuesday.

Williams gave Phelan a standing ovation and praised him for being so “melodically articulate,” which was a phrase that seemed to resonate with the graphic designer and father, 25, who ultimately picked Williams as his coach.

“I’m the luckiest guy on this show,” said Williams, who also picked up DaNica Shirey, a stay-at-home mom, at the top of the show after beating out Levine and Stefani, who picked up two artists of her own Tuesday night.

In other words, he was pretty “Happy.”

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