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May 04, 2011 08:00 AM

Sure the rules of the contest are repeated ad nauseum throughout the show, and of course many of the contestants profess that this is the biggest/only/last chance they will have to make the big time, but NBC’s The Voice scored another charming episode Tuesday night as the coaches finalized their teams. Anyone else think the theme song sounds eerily close to the one from the variety show Solid Gold?

Last week, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, along with Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, selected three of eight team members in the first blind audition episode, where their backs are turned to the talent until they hit their buttons to swivel their chairs around. As Levine said, “I’m putting together a singing army.”

This week, the competition and selection continued. Among the standouts for each:

Cee Lo’s Team: Green picked raspy-voiced and tattoo-covered Emily Valentine, and the bearded Nakia, who sang Cee Lo’s “Forget You.” “What’s up big brother?” Green asked. “I had to turn around to see who this brave individual was and of course you have great taste in music, you are wearing my favorite colors red and black, and I think you can be an exception to the rule.”

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Christina’s Team: Aguilera gained petite 16-year-old fan girl Raquel Castro, of whom Aguilera said, “From my own experience, great things come in small packages.” Of soccer player Julia Eason, Aguilera gushed, “I think we will have so much fun together. You made me feel it. I love your runs and your ad libs.”

Adam’s Team: Levine nabbed Kevin Covais, Devon Barley (19-year-old med student whose tone impressed him) and Tim Mahoney, who he thought he was a she. As Levine bluntly told Mahoney, “Sadly, you have a penis, which is cool, but to tell you the truth, there is something unique about your voice, so I think we can really work well together.”

Blake’s Team: Shelton chose Dia Frampton, 23, a children’s novel writer,proclaiming: “When I heard your voice, I started to smile.” When second-chance auditioner and father of six Jared Blake sang, Shelton cried out, “I got my guy!”

Highlights of the Show

Good Advice: Green offered a kind piece of critique to Joshua Hand, who tried too hard to make Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” his own – “Next time, bro, follow your heart or don’t do it at all.”

A Fifth Seat: The producers let armchair coaches at home play along in blind-judging by not showing Emily Valentine in full frame while she sang, much like the Jack Links Beef Jerky Wild Card Cam on the World Series of Poker.

Family Support: Instead of hiding friends and family behind a door while the contestants audition, the producers show them watching the performance and vocalizing their hope for the coaches to pick their loved ones.

Playful Banter: The coaches egg each other on while supporting each other, too, an interesting balance. Levine showed off his sense of fun when Green name-checks Pink and Levine makes as if to pick up the name he “drops.”

Now the show goes into Battle Rounds and the coaches will have to whittle their 32 singers down to 16 over the course of four weeks. Will you be tuning in?

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