Show-stopping singers make the coaches beg the best performers to join their teams

By Kathy Ehrich Dowd
Updated September 25, 2013 09:00 AM
Credit: NBC

Powerhouse performances and power struggles dominated the second night of The Voice‘s blind auditions Tuesday, which included two four-chair turns and even gave an ’80s cult actress a second chance at stardom.

“The fabulous four,” as returning coach Christina Aguilera dubbed the reunited coaching panel at the top of the show, duked it out throughout the night as they each vied to persuade their favorite singers to join their teams.

At the top of everyone’s list was Tessanne Chin, a Jamaican singer who closed out the night with a fierce version of Pink‘s “Try.”

“This is going to be a dirty fight,” Adam Levine declared as the coaches made their pitches to the former backup singer for reggae superstar Jimmy Cliff. “You could easily win The Voice this year.”

Chin chose the persuasive Levine, humbly explaining, “I am very interested in learning how I can better evolve.”

Sweet and shy 19-year-old Holly Henry of Minneapolis provided the other four-chair-turning performance of the evening for her haunting, nuanced version of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” Aguilera told the pancake-house waitress that she has a “beautiful, silky tone,” while three-time Voice winner Blake Shelton, whose chair swiveled first, announced, “I almost broke my hand pressing this button” for you.

Henry chose Blake, who had earlier declared, “Because of you, I am officially excited about season 5.”

The most unexpected performance of the evening came from E.G. Daily, who shot to fame in 1985 playing Dottie, the female lead in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Since then the actress has busied herself with voiceover work – most notably as Tommy Pickles in the Rugrats – but used the show to explore her long-held passion for singing.

Blake and Cee Lo Green helped make her dream come true when they pressed their buttons during her performance of Faith Hill‘s “Breathe.”

Daily chose to join Shelton, who praised her ability to control her raspy sound.

All told, Team Adam, Team Christina and Team Cee Lo each added two singers to their rosters Tuesday, while Team Blake added three.

In addition to Chin, Levine picked up Barry Black, a quirky American Samoan who wowed the coach with his mouth trumpeting at the top of “What You Won’t Do for Love.”

Aguilera added New Jersey teenager Jacquie Lee, who gave a soulful performance of “Back to Black,” as well as Destinee Quinn, an earthy country girl who showed off her chops with “Cowboy Take Me Away.”

Cee Lo picked up Louisiana native Cole Vosbury, who offered a funky version of “Movin’ On Up (to the East Side)!” (a.k.a. The Jeffersons theme song) and Johnny Gray, an Air Force veteran turned rock and soul singer from Austin, Texas.

In addition to Henry and Daily, Team Blake also added soulful Austin Jenckes, who performed Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man,” a song he learned from his late father.