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August 07, 2015 05:00 PM

On Thursday, Conservative commentator Nicolle Wallace announced she was leaving The View after one year. Although the news came as a shock to viewers, the political buff isn’t the first to make such an announcement on the daytime talk show.

In fact, since its 1997 premiere, The View has seen its bevy of memorable co-host exits, which also includes a two-time announcement from Rosie O’Donnell who served as co-host on the ABC show not once but twice since its inception.

While the show finalizes its new co-host picks (Michelle Collins is officially taking Rosie Perez‘s seat) as rumors swirl of Sherri Shepherd potentially returning to the show, we’re taking a look back at some of The View‘s most unforgettable exists.

Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie O'Donnell
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Wallace wasn’t the only co-host to depart The View after a single season. In 2007, O’Donnell left following the now-infamous fight with former co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck live on air. “The day it happened, I was definitely crying,” O’Donnell told Variety. “I got my stuff and walked out.” Years later in 2015, the comedian made her triumphant return, but only lasted five months before she departed again, citing a desire to focus on her family.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck

After a decade on The View, Hasselbeck confirmed rumors that she was leaving the show, and taking on a hosting gig on Fox & Friends. “Over the course of a decade, I feel as though I have attended the Barbara Walters School of Broadcast Journalism from being next to you,” she said to Walters on her last day on the show. But would she return as a guest host? “No. I’ve done my time,” Hasselbeck told Rachael Ray. “I did my time, I was outta there.”

Barbara Walters

It was the end of an era. In May 2014, Walters, who created The View back in 1997, was met with a group of inspiring womenOprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton and several former View co-hosts – who all bid the legendary journalist farewell on her last day at the show. “This is my legacy,” said Walters, gesturing to them all. “These are my legacy.”

Joy Behar

For Behar, it came time to leave the ABC show after her contract was up in 2013. Although the daytime talk show host was asked to return, she declined, stating that negotiations fell short. “They’ve come to me, and we couldn’t make a deal,” she said.

Rosie Perez

Less than a year after joining The View, Perez stepped down to focus on acting. “I’m excited for what is to come, but I am so sad to leave especially these two ladies,” Perez said of currenty moderator Whoopi Goldberg and Wallace. Perez, who served as the first-ever Latina co-host on The View, gave a tearful speech, thanking the entire crew and co-hosts.

Sherri Shepherd & Jenny McCarthy

Sometimes saying a grand goodbye is easier with a partner, as was the case for McCarthy and Shepherd who both announced their exits on the same day in 2014. “If Sherri goes I go too. #sisters” McCarthy Tweeted. While Shepherd is rumored to return following Wallace’s departure, McCarthy opted out of the show to pursue a talk show gig of her own.

Star Jones

Jones‘ July 2006 departure announcement, which had been scheduled for two days later, was so abrupt that it surprised even Walters herself. Consequently, the divisive panelist was reportedly urged not to return to the studio the very next day, and she told PEOPLE at the time, “I was fired.”

Debbie Matenopoulos

You never forget your first. After tw seasons with the show (and no shortage of Saturday Night Live send-ups for her ditzy persona), Matenopoulos was cut from The View‘s starting line-up in 1999. Though she said at the time that she “wasn’t treated properly,” she returned for Walters’ tribute reunion along with her replacement Lisa Ling and Meredith Vieira (who left amicably in 2002 and 2006, respectively, to pursue other journalistic paths).

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