'The View' Co-Hosts Joy Behar, Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin Compare Their Bare Feet at the Table

Before showing their feet, The View co-hosts were debating about whether it's appropriate for a guest to take their shoes off before entering someone's home

The View Hosts Go Barefoot to Compare Their Feet and wikiFeet Reviews
Photo: ABC

The View co-hosts put their feet on the table and for all to see.

On Monday's episode of the talk show, the five hosts compared their bare feet, alongside a conversation about manners.

It all started when the women brought up the Wall Street Journal op-ed by Kris Frieswick, titled "Here's Why I'll Be Keeping My Shoes on in Your Shoeless Home." Then, the topic sparked a debate about whether it's appropriate for a guest to take their shoes off before entering someone's home.

Joy Behar started the foot comparisons with a joke about her feet and lifted her bare foot onto the View table. "Well, not everybody has gorgeous feet like I have," the 79-year-old said.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg, 66, was quick to remind Behar, and audience members, that Behar has a high rating on wikiFeet, a website that's dedicated to ranking celebrity feet and toes. "She's kind of a big deal," Sara Haines said of Behar's popularity on the site.

Turns out, Haines, 44, has a higher ranking on the site. Behar's feet have four out of five stars, while Haines has five out of five stars. That revelation led Haines to compare her foot to Behar's on air. "Your second toe is bigger than your first toe," Behar said while comparing.

Later, Sunny Hostin also put her foot on the desk. "This is so disgusting, can we stop putting people's feet on the table?" guest co-host Ana Navarro said.

The West Side Story star Ariana DeBose, who was the guest on the show, also showed off her feet and talked about her ranking on the site, falling right between Behar and Haines's star ratings.

Monday's episode was not live, as The View hosts had the day off for President's Day. The pre-taped episode had many viewers laughing and questioning the episode during its airtime.

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