'The View' Pays Homage to Stephen King on Halloween with Epic Thriller (Scaramucci Makes a Cameo!)

The co-hosts channeled iconic scenes and characters from the author's famous horror books

It’s official: The View — sorry, The Viewing — just won Halloween.

On Thursday, the co-hosts of the ABC talk show paid homage to prolific horror author Stephen King as they celebrated the spooky holiday, opening the show with an epic mini thriller that you’ll want to watch over and over again.

The movie opens with Abby Huntsman on the phone with Sunny Hostin on her way to work, bemoaning her lack of costume ideas. She links up with her driver, Christine, and hops into the vintage red car from King’s 1983 novel, Christine, about a 1958 Plymouth Fury nicknamed Christine by its owner and apparently possessed by supernatural forces. Much to Huntsman’s horror, this particular Christine has a penchant for Baby Shark, the popular preschool tune forever stuck in everyone’s head.

Back at the studio, Hostin gets attacked by Joy Behar‘s pup, Bernie, in a scene straight out of King’s 1981 novel, Cujo, about a rabid St. Bernard. She flees down the hallway to Behar’s dressing room — only to find her co-host acting out the plot from King’s 1987 book, Misery, with none other than Anthony Scaramucci.

“Is that The Mooch?!” Hostin shrieks.

“Joy, what are you doing? I’m on your side now!” pleads Scaramucci, who was fired as President Donald Trump‘s White House communications director in 2017 after just 10 days.

Hostin and Huntsman, both hysterical at this point, convene in the stairwell and dash to Whoopi Goldberg‘s dressing room to fill her in on the madness that’s going on. But soon enough, they notice a stack of King’s books on her desk.

“Sounds like my little Halloween inspirations are taking effect,” Goldberg says with a sly smile. “I did try to get the Shawshank Redemption in here, but trying to move an entire prison is a bitch.”

Last but not least, Meghan McCain makes her entrance, smashing a hole through the door with an axe, a tribute to the terrifying scene from The Shining.

“Got it, we’re doing Stephen King,” she says. “Let’s start the show.”

PEOPLE can also exclusively reveal a hilarious compilation of outtakes from the movie, below.

Thursday’s episode of The View boasts guests Jordin Sparks (Broadway’s Waitress), Dr. Oz, and a performance from the spooktacular cast of Broadway’s Beetlejuice.

Lou Rocco/ABC

On the show, the ladies channeled other iconic characters from King’s books, with Hostin as Pennywise from It, Huntsman as Carrie, the bloodied teen who raised hell on prom night, McCain and Behar as the Grady sisters from The Shining, and Goldberg as Church, the cat from Pet Sematary.

In one hilarious segment, Behar and McCain appeared side-by-side, holding hands in a hallway, to recreate the famous scene of the ghost sisters looking for someone to play with … forever.

“Next up, they’re The Shining‘s terrifying twosome,” a voiceover teases, “who show you a world where Trump is president — forever, and ever, and ever.”

The View airs weekdays (11 a.m. ET) on ABC.

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