Candace Cameron Bure Dishes on What It's 'Really' Like Behind the Scenes at 'The View'

The Fuller House star blogs for PEOPLE about her first week as a View co-host

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Candace Cameron Bure chronicles her first week as a regular co-host on ABC’s The View exclusively for PEOPLE.

The First-Day Jitters

I had been a guest co-host on The View in the past and I’d always approached it as just something fun and different. But even though I had a great time every time I was on the show, it caught me off-guard when they surprised me with an offer to become a regular co-host.

It suddenly felt like a lot more pressure and responsibility.

After my first show this week, I called my mom and I told her I was disappointed in how I’d handled one of the topics that had come up. I mentioned all the pressure I was putting on myself. And she told me, “You know, there’s a book out there that’s all about this very problem of self-doubt and pressure. It’s called Dancing Through Life and it’s written by this woman named Candace Cameron Bure. You should read it.”

And it’s true. I’ve always been someone who is self-critical. But now, I’m trying to be easier on myself and go out there and have a good time.

Joining a Family

Because I had been shooting Fuller House up until this week, I’d only been coming in and out of the show for a while.

That made every day feel like the first day.

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But now I’m really getting to know my fellow co-hosts and the team behind the scenes and everyone has been so fantastic.

The one thing I’ve really been trying to work on is becoming a better interviewer.

I’ve been in this business for over 30 years, but I’ve always been on the other side when it comes to interviews.

My co-host Paula Faris comes from the world of journalism so I’ve been asking her a ton of questions, and she has been so supportive and helpful in making feel more prepared.

I really am enjoying all my co-hosts but I think people would be surprised to hear that I find the most in common with Raven-Symoné.

We differ a lot in our opinions, but we are kindred spirits in the sense that we both grew up in front of the camera. We have a lot of similar life experiences that have shaped who we are. That gives us a lot to bond over.

We connect on so many levels that are probably surprising to people if they saw us off camera

Staying Cool During Hot Topics

Things can get really heated on the show, and we can disagree about things on a fundamental level.

I get asked a lot, “How can you sit next to someone who you disagree with so much? How do you stand it?”

But the veterans Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg do a great job of making sure we all know that nothing is to be taken personally.

We can be having an loud discussion on air but the minute the cameras are off, we’re all friendly.

“Where’d you get those shoes?” “How was the Adele concert last night?”

I think it’s really important for society to see that we can healthy, meaningful debates and treat each other with respect and kindness.

Watching What I Say

I have strong opinions. That’s why they wanted me to be on the show. But I am consciously very careful with my words when I am on the show.

I never want to inadvertently be offensive to someone or a group of people. I’m not going to run my mouth. That’s just not my personality.

I’m also always watching out for things that could make people say, “Oh, The View is making fun of another group of people. Again.”

On Thursday Joy made a joke about bulimia and anorexia, and I was really quick to say, “We’re laughing, but as someone who has battled that, we understand it’s something serious.”

We live in a very PC world, and I want to make sure we are as respectful as we can be.

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I Have My Own Voice

I never set out to be a voice for conservatives and Christians, but my faith is a big part of who I am and I’m not afraid to let that be known.

At the same time, I know that conservatives and Christians are not going to agree with every single thing I say on the show. But I’m glad I can show that there are a range of ideas in every political party and group of people. Not everyone is extremely radical in their views.

Ultimately, I have to be truthful to my views. And even more importantly, I hope that it is clear that everything I bring to the table is in love.

That can be tricky when we are only given two minutes to discuss a really complicated topic that I want to be truthful about. Sometimes truthful words can be hurtful, but if they are said in love, it should be a reason that’s worth listening to.

I still am learning a lot and I can’t help but giggle and think, “I can’t believe it!” when I show up to work, but I’m so looking forward to continuing on this journey and growing not just as a co-host and interviewer but as a person.

It’s an exciting adventure.

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The View

airs weekdays (11 a.m. ET) on ABC, and Bure can been seen in the Hallmark Channel original film A Christmas Detour on Nov. 28 at 8 p.m. ET.

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