Quantrell Colbert/The CW
September 17, 2010 04:00 PM

Joining the ranks of Mystic Falls’s many vampires on Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was Caroline, who after being strangled by Katherine with Damon’s blood in her system, awoke in her hospital bed with a craving – for blood. Initially unsure of what was happening, Caroline couldn’t fight off the desire to drink a blood bag and soon realized she could no longer step into sunlight. Waiting until nightfall, she hypnotized a nurse into discharging her, but not before extending her newly formed fangs.

Heading to the town’s carnival, Caroline first found Damon, and after revealing she had been turned, passed on Katherine’s message. A shocked Damon gathered Stefan and Elena to discuss how to handle the latest vampire on the loose, while Caroline next found boyfriend Matt and attempted to spend a romantic evening with him. But as he held her close and she heard his heart beating, the new vamp was overcome with a desire to feed and immediately ran off.

Unfortunately, she ran straight into a bleeding carnival employee, and couldn’t keep herself from draining him dead. Believing the only way to keep the town unaware of his own supernatural secret was to kill Caroline, Damon set off to stake her, but just as he was about to, Stefan showed up and saved her. As Stefan took Caroline under his wing, teaching her how to control her murderous impulses, Damon returned to his earlier preoccupation: discovering the truth about the Lockwoods.

Having overheard Tyler s conversation with his uncle Mason earlier at the Lockwood mansion, Damon spent much of the episode trying to figure out what it was that happened to Tyler when he flew into a rage and blacked out. Sensing an opportunity at the carnival, Damon sent Stefan to arm wrestle Mason, and when Stefan was bested – despite his vampire strength – the brothers realized something non-human was at play. Taking it one step further, Damon hypnotized the carnival employee that would later become Caroline’s last meal into picking a fight with Tyler. Just as the pair were about to tear into each other, Mason appeared and broke up the scuffle, displaying an unnerving set of color-changing eyes and an extraordinary ability to jump through the air. When Tyler attempted to get an explanation out of Mason back at home, he dismissed his nephew by insulting him. Aware of his uncle’s suspicious behavior, Tyler went into his father’s den and unearthed the heirloom Mason had been searching for: a moonstone.

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