'The Ultimatum' : Where Each Couple Stands After the Season 1 Reunion

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On's first season reunion premiered Wednesday on Netflix

The Ultimatum
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There's a lot to unpack from The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On's first season reunion.

The buzzy new Netflix reality series, co-hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey of Love Is Blind fame, followed six couples on the verge of getting married. While one partner is ready to take the leap and gave their partner an ultimatum as a result, the other is on the fence.

During Wednesday's post-finale special, fans learned the fate of the show's featured couples: Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger, Shanique Imari and Randall Griffin, April Marie and Jake Cunningham, Rae Williams and Zay Wilson, Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr, Lauren Pounds and Nathan Ruggles.

Scroll down to learn where all six pairs stand today.

Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger

The Ultimatum

When the duo — who wed in the season finale — walked onto the reunion stage together, Madlyn was visibly sporting a baby bump. Madlyn revealed she was seventh months pregnant and expecting a baby girl.

"I'm loving every second," Madlyn said.

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Colby also raved about how Madlyn has been managing her pregnancy, saying she's "handling it like a pro."

"I'm blown away, actually, by how she's handled it," he continued. "My sister recently had a baby just last year. So we got [the] full experience of the whole, how it works process of the pregnancy. And she, like, has no problems. No aches. No nothing. She is just like an absolute champ about it."

Shanique Imari and Randall Griffin

The Ultimatum

Though Shanique and Randall got engaged in the finale episode, they ultimately chose to part ways shortly after.

"Once we got out of this, real-life sets back in. So we actually broke up for six months," Shanique said. "You just kind of realize that those sort of foundational things that we talked about on the experience kinda started presenting themselves in real ways."

"We tried to change, but we obviously still had our differences," Randall added.

But after taking time apart, Shanique and Randall eventually reconciled.

"Now we're back together and we're honestly just trying to figure it out," Shanique said. "We're taking it a step at a time and I'm just really happy that we're not in that place that we were on the show."

April Marie and Jake Cunningham

The Ultimatum

As fans know, April and Jake parted ways in the season finale as he chose to pursue Rae. But since that point, Jake admitted he's "still trying to figure things out" and is focusing on himself for the time being — even after he briefly lived with April post-show.

"I was doing myself for a while. Just like, I'm shutting everybody out," he said. "I'm trying to find out what I really want, what makes me happy, because that was definitely disregarded the last previous two years."

As for April, she believes their breakup was for the best as Jake "wasn't the person" for her. She has since found love with someone new.

"I am in a serious relationship," she said. "I think after Jake and I separated, I was like, all right, I'm going to move in with my girlfriend. I'm getting my apartment. I'm going to have hot girl winter because it's about to be December. And the very moment that I said I'm going to put dating outside for a bit and just focus on me, he just came right on in. And since then, we've been attached at the hip. I've already moved in."

Added April, "This is someone who wakes up every single day with me and says, 'I love you. I can't wait to marry you.' Go to bed, 'I love you. Goodnight. Can't wait to marry you.' 'Good morning. I miss you. I'm at work. Can't wait to marry you.' ... It doesn't feel real."

Rae Williams and Zay Wilson

The Ultimatum

Rae and Zay's communication skills were a big problem for them throughout their relationship. After Zay was gone for hours and neglected to reach out to her during that time, Rae chose to break up with him and pursue Jake. But Rae said she "came to a consensus" with Jake that it'd be best for them to take time to "heal" rather than travel the world together.

Rae, in turn, tried to make things work with Zay before pumping the breaks on their love for good.

"Zay and I did kind of try to fix things and ultimately, that didn't work out. But we did give it a shot," she said. "I tried to be more expressive with him and I actually feel like he became a better communicator after the show. So we gave it shot but ultimately, it didn't work."

Zay later admitted that he has not dated anyone else since Rae, saying that he's "trying to figure out" what he wants going forward. He said he is also "taking [his] time."

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Additionally, Rae revealed she's been with one other person since the pair's split. "She's amazing and I had a really good connection with her, but we kind of kept it casual," she said.

"I'm kind of figuring out myself and my sexuality because I was very uncomfortable with being bi for a very long time," she added. "But yeah, since Zay and I've been done, I've just been with one girl and that's kind of been great honestly."

Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr

The Ultimatum

The pair are still engaged and are "very heavy into the planning phase" of their upcoming wedding, Hunter revealed.

"We're getting married in June," Alexis continued. "His mom's actually a wedding planner. So we've taken her knowledge."

Ahead of their wedding, the couple is living together — a move that Alexis was initially against doing before an engagement. Alexis said this "whole chapter has been amazing" for them.

"Everyone has that beginning phase of like, moving in. You have your classic arguments like, 'Don't put the towel there.' Like, stupid stuff," she added. "Living together has been great for us. We get to take care of our dog together. We're close to family. So, it's been really nice."

Lauren Pounds and Nathan Ruggles

The Ultimatum

Fans saw the couple leave the series early following Nathan's proposal, but the pair's biggest obstacle prior to getting engaged was whether or not they would have children. During the reunion, they revealed that they have gone to therapy together to work through their differences.

Nathan said that the duo "wanted to work at it together," and Lauren added that they "sought out expert advice" as a result. Through this process, they finally reached a conclusion on whether having a family of their own is right for them.

When asked specifically about their baby plans, Nathan confirmed that they're "not yet" ready. But Lauren added: "We have agreed to have one for now."

The entire first season of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is now streaming on Netflix.

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