The Talk co-hosts tell PEOPLE that their success stems from respecting, supporting and loving one another
Credit: James White /CBS

On Sunday, CBS’s The Talk won its first Daytime Emmy in six years, and the ladies credit their success to “respecting each other.”

Cast members of The Talk tell PEOPLE that their show is unique in the way that they’re friends with amazing chemistry that helps them all “gel together” every morning.

“I feel like it’s a safe table for all of us to be ourselves,” explains Aisha Tyler, 45. “I feel like people feel that when they watch the show. We are telling the truth, and we’re trying to be as honest and as truthful version of ourselves as we can be. I think people connect with that, I hope.”

“It feels like it’s in your mama’s kitchen,” Sheryl Underwood tells PEOPLE. “Standing there taking. We keep it real. Even when we disagree, we let each other finish our thoughts. We’re not angry. Nobody’s hostile, nobody storms off.”

“We respect each other,” added Underwood, 52. “We love each other, we support each other and protect each other.”

“It’s like Barbershop, but it’s women,” added Julie Chen, 46. “When you go to the beauty shop or the nail salon or you’re with your friends, you’re talking about whatever gossip has made the headlines, the news that morning. Whether it’s Donald Trump or Michael [Strahan] and Kelly [Ripa] or Bill Cosby. We’re discussing it, we’re bringing it to you, we discuss it, and then we put our own kind of spin on it, and we contribute our own tales from the dark side.”

The Talk airs weekdays (2 p.m. ET) on CBS.