Looking back at favorite moments of the Joel McHale-hosted reality TV clip show
Credit: E!

The TV gods giveth, and the TV gods taketh away.

After 11 years of poking expert fun at pop culture in the weekly half-hour clip show, The Soup host Joel McHale and the crew are saying goodbye with one final one-hour episode Friday.

“I loved doing The Soup for all of these years (86 to be exact) but am excited to solely focus on my acting career now,” McHale said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. “Thanks to all who watched and thanks to Kim Kardashian’s ass for all that it’s done for me and my family.”

That statement is indicative of McHale and the show’s “everyone is fair game” approach to who and what they ridiculed over the course of 11 seasons. In honor of the show’s last blast, here are a few things we’ll miss most after lapping up our final serving of The Soup.

All of the celebrity guests (Jimmy Kimmel, Joe Manganiello, Joe Jonas and all of McHale’s Community cast mates, to name a few) who dropped by, checked their egos and helped the host mock other people in pop culture.

When they made fun of Today‘s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hota Kotb, who were eventually invited to be guests on the show.

When they made fun of E! network juggernauts the Kardashians.

When they’d coin their own catchphrases by running pieces of clips over and over again, like "chicken tetrazzini" and "Come and get your POPcooooorn!"

When McHale made fun of Ryan Seacrest. Relentlessly.

The one-hour series finale of The Soup airs Friday at 10 p.m. ET on E!