The Sopranos' Lorraine Bracco Recalls Pranking James Gandolfini with a Fart Machine on Set

The actress played Tony Soprano's therapist Dr. Melfi on the hit HBO show

Fart jokes, it appear, never get old — just ask Lorraine Bracco.

During an appearance on Tuesday's episode of the Gangster Goddess Broad-cast, a Sopranos rewatch podcast presented by Sopranos star Drea de Matteo and her co-host Chris Kushner, Bracco recalled a prank she pulled on the late James Gandolfini while shooting the hit show back in the day.

"What we did was we planted one of those fart machines," she explained. "Usually, what you do is you put it under your chair — but Marchetti was cunning and he put it under my chair, he taped it, and he had a remote control."

Lorraine Bracco, James Gandolfini
Frederick M. Brown/Getty; Ilya S. Savenok/Getty

One morning, Bracco, 65, set the joke up.

"I said to Jimmy, 'Listen, I don't feel good, I don't know what I ate, I'm sweating,'" she said. "So I set it up — my stomach is killing me, the whole thing. Then with Marchetti, I would [clench up], and he would press the button."

"Marchetti, just for everybody who doesn't know who we're talking about, he was our main prop guy. Or he was set design," interjected de Matteo, 48. "I don't remember, but he was the funniest person that ever lived and he ended up being on the show and he ended up becoming one of Jim's really close friends."

"He was a great guy," Bracco said. "So Jimmy finally said, 'You're f---ing around with me,' and he grabs me and he takes my chair and he lifts up the cushion — but there's nothing there!"

Bracco played therapist Dr. Melfi on The Sopranos, which followed the life of Tony Soprano (Gandolfini), a New Jersey mob boss. It ran for six seasons on HBO from 1999 to 2007.

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During an appearance on People Now last year, Bracco revealed the memory of her late costar that stands out the most, all of these years later.

"He was so happy," she said of Gandolfini, who died of a heart attack in 2013 at the age of 51. "He would want to film his part first, because he usually had so much dialogue and telling of stories and stuff like that. Then when he was done and the cameras would turn around on me, he would be a goofball!"

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