Also, we learn the meaning of "bagsy," our new favorite British slang word


Though we’ve known The Royals‘ Princess Eleanor for only a short while, we already know that her greatest skill is getting in her own way.

On the next episode of the E! soap, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) and her daughter (Alexandra Park) throw competing runway shows during London Fashion Week. (Yet another confirmation of our theory that this show is, at its core, an amazing mashup of The O.C. and Gossip Girl.)

In an exclusive clip shared with PEOPLE, Helena and Eleanor butt heads over who gets to wear purple – the most regal color on the wheel – at the big event.

Eleanor wins, however, because she called “bagsy.” According to, “bagsy” is basically the British version of “dibs.” As in America, the term holds incredible weight – Lucius (Andrew Bicknell) tells Helena, “Regrettably, there is no higher authority than bagsy, your majesty.”

While Eleanor may have won the battle, Helena will win the war. Upon learning that Eleanor leaked information to the press in an effort to embarrass her mother, Helena tells her, “When people read this and when they vote to disband the monarchy, you’re going to realize that you need this world more than any of us. Remember what your talents are other than ingesting other people’s drugs and being young and somewhat attractive – for now.”

Adds the queen, “You do nothing. You contribute nothing. And when all this goes away, you’re gonna be nothing.”

The Royals airs Sundays (10 p.m. ET) on E!

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