The Return of 'The Daily Show' & 'The Colbert Report'

Jon Stewart

and Stephen Colbert returned to the Comedy Central airwaves last night after a two-month, strike-induced absence. Though The Daily Show and The Colbert Report hosts seemed reluctant, both handled the awkward situation — airing new shows without the benefit of their writers and while being picketed — with grace. Stewart spent his entire half-hour focusing on the strike and chatting with guest Ron Seeber, a professor of labor relations at Cornell University, while Colbert showed off his empty TelePrompTers and interviewed America Works author Richard Freeman (though the comedian did also cover the recent Iowa caucuses).

Both episodes (watch the clip) were funny and irreverent, as viewers have come to expect, but what happens next? –Caryn Midler

Tell us: Can Jon and Stephen keep you entertained on their own? Or will they suffer without their writers?

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