'The Real Housewives of Potomac' Recap: Etiquette 101 with Bravo's New Stars

The newest installment of Bravo's franchise is packed with drama as promised


Greetings from Maryland!

For those of you wondering where Potomac is, you re not alone: When Bravo announced its newest crew of housewives, fans took to Twitter with the hashtag #WheresPotomac.

We ve got you covered: It s an affluent Maryland suburb just outside D.C., an exclusive community where the fast pace of northern cities meets the old-school social graces of the South. In Potomac, which a Bravo press release describes as a town where entry is granted only through class, pedigree, and lineage, the socialite ladies of RHOP are divided by those who follow the rules of etiquette and those who don t, and that divide leads to some MAJOR drama (by Real Housewives standards, at least).

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Here, we take a deep dive into the premiere episode, giving first impressions of the new housewives, breaking down the big events, looking ahead to the upcoming season, and more.

First impressions of the new housewives

C. MOLLY SMITH: Let s start with Gizelle Bryant. I like her, but I wonder if she s going to be a troublemaker then again, isn t that what we want and/or expect out of a Real Housewives show?

MARY SOLLOSI: Oh, I like her too. I feel like they pick on her, though, and they all like to seize on every little wrong thing she does because she s young and edgy.


MOLLY: The diss that I loved was when what did Gizelle say? Something about how she s legacy and Karen grew up on a farm

MARY: I think that could be a really interesting element to Potomac – this fixation with having legacy and having a pedigree, especially when queen bee Karen doesn t have those things. If this were a 19th-century novel, obviously Karen would have, like, true nobility of spirit more than the rest of them and rise above her humble upbringing. But I don t think that s going to happen.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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